Subject: I'm not your baby

Yet again, I'm on my walk home, typing this blog post on the overfilled notes section on my work phone. So, get ready, this shit is clearly important. 

Have you ever received an email from a stranger/ lose connection or even potential new hire that starts with Hey Darling, Hey Cutie, Hey Sweetie... or even Hey Love? If the answer is no, don't feel bad about yourself. This isn't a good thing. 

Ok sure, some may say this kind of start to an email is endearing and others may say unprofessional. I'm gonna go with straight up weird/creepy/ very unneeded. 

It's strange. Not only if is unprofessional, sure. It's bizarre, it's forcing a type of relationship that you aren't welcoming and setting a tone for an email conversation that shouldn't be there. 

Now, if you have received one of those introductions and are unsure how you should respond, the answer is with their name. Don't follow suit, a lot of people think if they put a kiss ( x ) at the end of an email that means I should. No. you do you, girl/guy. Don't copycat. 

You don't want to get into the habit of using chatty language over email. As soon as you're not emailing your new best pal and you're actually emailing the director and a sweetie or an ( x ) slips in your screwed. So, keep things friendly but the format should remain professional. Always. 

Ok rant/ bit of advice over. I'm stopping for sushi. 

Kind regards, 



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