Subject: Interning while attending university

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 When I moved to London back in September 2016, my goal was to bag an internship by Christmas.

 Whilst at secondary school, I managed to shadow the buying team at clothing brand Whistles, during a careers week which was aimed to encourage us to think about what we wanted to do with our lives.

With a slight career change to fashion journalism, I managed to book a two-week placement at InStyle UK magazine last minute, and when I say last minute, I applied on the Friday and started on the Monday – queue the weekend panic.

I must say that this particular work experience started just as my first term at university finished and that’s how I’ve interned ever since – squeezing it in any holiday breaks we get.

Would I recommend it this way? For me, it works.

I dedicate my term time to my assignments and also my part time job which is still related to my degree and then when it comes to Christmas, Easter and most importantly that long summer break, I look forward to dedicating time to more hands on experience in the industry too.

 However, I do have friends that incorporate their internships whilst studying – Monday at university, Tuesday at the PR firm and so on. If this works for you, then do it. It all depends on how much free time you have, if the company allows this flexibility and whether you know you can manage your work and interning duties.

Just a heads up that internships in journalism rarely offer a 2 day a week internship for example. Instead they like to have you for a solid fortnight and longer. But it always depends on the company, so keep an eye out!

Have a think about what suits you and remember any experience is good experience!

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Guest writer: Emilie Hill

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