Subject: Internship Interview Prep: What to do the night before & morning of.

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After all your prep has been completed and you’ve got all of your notes at the ready. You’ve basically got the job already haven’t you?

Well afraid not, a crucial but often underestimated part of preparing for an important interview is the night before and morning of. Both can be just as important as the initial prep.

What to do the night before

We decided to put together a little checklist/tip list of what we believe are some of the important rituals for the night before a big interview.

  • Print out your CV – have a look over it, bring it with you. Yes, they already have yours, but it will make it easier for you both if they are referring to something and they’ve not got the CV to hand.

  • Get your bag ready the night before – plan what you’re going to bring with you whether that’s deodorant, mints, your portfolio, a notepad to take notes etc. An interview can be daunting as it is without having left something at home.

  • Plan your journey: I’ve never been a just on time kind of candidate, if it’s an area you’re not entirely familiar with, get familiar beforehand. Nothing is worse than turning up late, hot (maybe a little bit sweaty from all that running around) and just slightly disoriented. Things happen, delays are bound to occur, but as first impressions really can affect whether or not you get the position to start with, plan to get there earlier. So, if you’re like me and get lost following good old trusty google maps, you still got time. Tip if the company has not already told you, ask in advance about parking if needed.

  • Plan your breakfast: this may sound pointless to do the night before but as you’re doing your makeup the next morning rushing to get ready – there is a huge possibility you might just grab a slice of toast and run out the door (and be hungry 0.5 seconds later) plan something that you know will keep you going. A proper breakfast before an important interview can help you to be more aware, focused and ready for the day ahead.

  • Plan what you’re wearing the night before: I mean I don’t know about you, but this is probably one of the longest parts for me. Depending on where your interview is can determine how informal/formal you should go and how you should dress in general. So, this step shouldn’t be overlooked! Tip Some employees will have shared pictures at work through LinkedIn which could give you some clues as to what to wear! Getting your stuff ready the night before also saves any last-minute panic ironing.

  • Set an alarm, don’t try and rely on luck.

The Day: Tips  

  • I have already mentioned it above but make sure to eat a hearty breakfast, a good choice would be anything that has slow releasing carbohydrates, to keep you going.

  • Get there early scope the area out – this can be good for any awkward silences, grab a coffee! Nothing is worse than arriving just on time and not having a second to just compose yourself and run over your cheat sheet. (everyone needs a cheat sheet)

  • Greet everyone with a smile: you never know that guy who sneakily stole your car space could be your future potential boss.

  • Have a quick glance at your Cheat notes, know who to ask for at reception, who is interviewing you and their position. just so it’s all fresh in your mind.

And finally! If you’ve prepared and done the research, you shouldn’t have to worry about anything so enjoy it. Even if you don’t get the position it’s a learning experience, so take everything in and learn from it!

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My name is Margaret, I’m a 20 year old Fashion Marketing student, currently undertaking an internship role with The Fashion Network, where I’ve had the opportunity to interview over a dozen potential interns! I hope you find this piece of use in your preparation for your interview, if you have any other questions about preparing, don’t hesitate to ask! Find Margaret here