Subject: Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game.

First of all, quote appreciation? Not only do I love A Cinderella Story, I think this quote is great. I’m also fully aware that the chick flick with Hilary Duff probably didn’t make this quote up. So haters, send your corrections else where.

So why is this quote important in the world of work/internships? Well, we are all anxious, nervous beings who aren’t walking around thinking they run the show (well not all of us). I can remember back in the day, not applying for certain internships or freelance opportunities at the pure fear of failing at them or not being very good. Which, looking back now is so ridiculous as I may have lost a lot of learning opportunities or general experiences because of it. Dam 18 year old me.

I think we are all conditioned to learn that once you finish university, you go to an assistant role, then maybe a senior assistant, slide into junior manager and maybe, just maybe in 75 years we reach manager level (slight exaggeration). Now, this system of job hierarchy is installed into most companies and sure, the youngest are usually at assistant level while the managers probably have 20 years of experience on everyone. 

Now, I wont be a hypocrite, I took a job straight out of university that was manager level, but that’s only because I grew some balls and went for a position at the time I wasn’t sure I was ready/qualified for. Oh, and look what happened… everything worked out fine and now I think I’m pretty perfect for the position (based on my experience). Try not to let a title or opportunity scare you based on the fact its not the natural progression or the norm for your age group. Read the job description and ask yourself am I right for this? Would I enjoy doing this? Do I have the skills to pay the bills? And if the answer is yes… then apply, go for it. If not, then step back in line and wait your turn for the next round. 

I think we all feel a little inadequate at times in our life but it doesn’t mean you cant participate in the game and give it a go.

And, lets say you did strike out, you got an opportunity or role that was a little too big for your boots? Then so what? You simply go back down a step and wait until you’re ready and tell yourself I told you so. 

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