Subject: New year, same us using our voice more.

New Year Home Alone

Hi team,

2018 felt like a big one huh? It was a year where things changed quickly, and time moved fast. It was the year where everyone looked around a little more and tried to figure out what the fuck was going on. I hope as a nation we became more engaged, open minded, outspoken and had the courage to do the things we wanted to do. Not because its acceptable in society (whatever the fucks that means) but because we wanted to.

2018 for The Intern 24/7 was also a biggen. We had new amazing/talented/funny writers join the team (thanks for saying yes girls), we launched new pages on the site and I finally got my disorganised butt in gear. (Yay!)

I hope that 2018 taught us all one thing - using your voice is powerful. Whether that is speaking up for those without a voice, speaking up when you don’t agree on something but mainly speaking up for yourself. Regardless if it's personal, political or just calling your friends/boss out on their bullshit… we should all be a-ok with using our vocal cords.

2019 isn’t going to be a year of change for us… why you ask? Because we’re already bloody perfect. Ok, just kidding...kinda #selflove. I have not set resolutions for myself personally nor have I for The Intern 24/7.

I’m gonna let myself and the site do its thing. If I wanna improve on something, I’ll just do it. If I want to change something I’ll try my best to make that happen.

You don’t need to give yourself a deadline for change and self-improvement. We ALL know that should be an ongoing thing and certainty not something you decide one day after heavily drinking… yes, I’m talking about New Year’s Day. To say I was HUNGOVER was an understatement. Thank you, Edinburgh.

So Happy New Year. May you stay the same, may you use your voice more and may you keep trying your best.

Let’s be honest, I was never going to learn French or give up cheese or gin.

Nor do I want to.

Kind regards,