Subject: Our Views on The Hills v. The City (the TV shows)

MTV The Hills

If you have an interest in fashion or just life itself, you will probably be a fan of The Hills and/or The City. It has been ten years since Lauren and Whitney said a tearful goodbye over their kale salads at ‘Lemonade’ Restaurant in L.A. after Whitney was offered a role at Diane Von Furstenberg (and on to The City spin off). So, we felt it was important to go back in time and discuss our favourite shows and our favourite ladies.

So, let’s just start off right the bat. The Hill’s is a classic. Who doesn’t remember being disappointed Lauren when she chose to spend the summer at the beach house with Jason instead of taking that dream internship in Paris.

Note to all 20-something women:

1) never trust a guy who has blonde highlights.

2) take every opportunity that comes your way in your career.

There is no denying that The Hills got better and better by each season. For many it was a source of inspiration to have a successful career in the fashion industry and to not end up marrying a man like Spencer Pratt. Lauren Conrad’s wisdom carried us through years of uncertainty in our relationships and our careers (inspirational quotes below).

Unfortunately, The City was far more scripted than The Hills, and for us Olivia Palermo really pi$$ed us off. Her fashion sense was on point. But seriously, girl, in this current political climate, women need to support each other, not tear each other down. Whitney Port’s career was a little more interesting, she started as a PR girl at Diane von Furstenberg, then moving on to Kelly Cutrone’s PR firm ‘People’s Revolution’ and then finally starting her own fashion line ‘Whitney Eve’. This path showed us that even if you have been on a hit show, have a ton of experience in the fashion industry and the wardrobe to match it, this still does not guarantee you a smooth sailing ride in the industry. You will face people who are competitive and who mask their competitiveness in friendship, so it is vital to stay true to yourself.

The Hills also taught us many valuable life and career lessons. When Heidi was off pursuing a toxic relationship with Spencer, Lauren Conrad was busy building her reputation and name in the fashion industry, attempting to shed her image of being ‘the-girl-that-never-went-to-Paris’.

What is truly great about The Hills is that it showed us what goes on behind the scenes in the fashion industry. For example, the closet at Teen Vogue where Lauren and Whitney were given mundane tasks such as writing invitations, cataloguing clothing and organising the closet. These ladies taught us that if you hustle in the fashion industry, your hard work will get noticed (especially if you fall down on national television), and big things will happen for you. 

As promised, inspirational quotes from Lauren Conrad below:

§  “Being called the nice girl, is way better than being called a bitch.”

§  “It just is what it is, it’s not always fair.”

§  “Life’s tough, get a helmet.”

§  “There is never just once thing that leads to success for anyone. I feel it is always a combination or passion, dedication, hard work, and being in the right place at the right time.”


Kind regards, 

Rosie x