Subject: Picking the right fashion course for you.

That choker though…

That choker though…

Back again spitting some words on FashionUnited for you all. Not 100% sure spitting words is the right phrase… but its the one i’ll go with. Read it and weep x

You don’t want to be a fashion designer, you know you don’t have those skills, but you love fashion and would love to work in the fashion industry after university - so what university course should you choose? Picking the right degree course can set you up for a great career path in the industry, but careful steps should be taken to make sure you get the most out of your 3 or 4 years in education.

The number of fashion courses that are now offered by universities has been steadily increasing with greater diversity than even just 5 years ago. Specific degree courses focussing on the design process, marketing, PR, communications, branding, buying, merchandising or garment technology are all available at a wide range of universities.

Here is what to consider and how to pick the right course for you:

1. Is there an opportunity to intern/gain experience as part of your studies?

A lot of fashion courses these days offer the option to undertake a ‘sandwich year’ or ‘placement year’ and can be a great opportunity to gain vital industry experience to complement your studies. This usually means a 4 year degree course rather than 3 years and for some students being able to finance this would play a part in the decision, as does the possibility that you will have to relocate during that year.

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