Subject: Save your dollar

When I was interning I was always pretty short on cash (shock), but along the way, I picked up a few simple tips to help save the pennies. Hope they help.

I definitely live to eat. I eat breakfast whilst thinking about lunch and dinner whilst thinking about dessert - it’s a real issue. However - here we have the easiest way to save some dollar… MEAL PREP. No, you are not an Instagram fitness fanatic (respect if you are), however meal prep will serve your bank account exceedingly well. Bulk make some easy overnight breakfast oats to save you both money and time in the morning, as well as lunches including pasta dishes, salads, wraps - anything you can eat cold (and quickly). Minimalist Baker has some tasty lunch ideas that can be whipped up pretty meat-free lunches will help with cutting costs too.

STOP BUYING COFFEE. Buy a coffee cup and make your own. I have a Bodum one and it keeps my coffee pretty damn hot for 3 hours. Lots of cafes give you discount if you take in your own cup when you do cave into buying coffee too. Additionally - your purse is probably clogged full of loyalty cards – use them. One free coffee for every ten you buy can be achieved pretty quickly if you’re reluctant to make your own.  This goes for retailers too - using my Boots advantage points to buy shampoo is a high point of my month.

TRAVEL Praise be the 16 - 25 railcard. I’m always surprised by how many people don’t own one. Although an initial expense (£30 for one year or £70 for three), this card has saved me quite literally hundreds of pounds. It gives you a third off all trains and you can connect it to your oyster for a third off tube journeys too. On this note… walk the 2 tube stops. By the time you’ve walked down the stairs to hell, enjoyed a pleasant few minutes pressed against a stranger’s arm pit, and climbed back up again – you probably could have walked. And saved money. Also - If you can – get a bus. The chances are it will be a more humane experience and it’s significantly cheaper (almost half the price per journey).

SAMPLE SALES. Take. Advantage. Do I now own multiple wine glasses that do not match from interning on a glassware department… yes. Am I okay with that… yes. Go into sample sales with a clear view of what you actually need - and sharp elbows - and you can bag yourself some great buys at minimal prices. (Homeware interns are great if you have a new place to try and kit out).

For your inevitable, after work fun be it drinks or food – don’t be afraid to abuse all available discounts! Happy hours, daily specials, set menus – take it and run. Franco Manca is always a great bet with pizzas starting at £6.55. Have a look at the app Drinkii that we suggest in our app post which can get you a free drink at various bars too.

And finally - I’ve had a change jar since September last year. I’ve counted it especially for this post (you’re welcome) to a joyful surprise of £23.76 made up primarily of 5ps. (That’s 2.5 cocktails London price). Save them pennies.

Interning is great but can be tough so remember to treat yo’ self… just not every day. 

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