Subject: Sites to Find Those Crazy Good Internships

So you read all these advice articles, inspiration about how to get the job and how to thrive, we even tease you with interviews from the girls with these awesome gigs! But, where can you actually find your perfect internship on this massive world wide web? No worries, we’ve strung together the easiest places to put out your resume and browse all the greatest internships and entry-level positions!

It’s obvious when you google things like “fashion internship”, “fashion company’s hiring,” or all the other more specific google search phrases, you’re automatically directed to places like Indeed Jobs, LinkedIn, and the obvious These sites are quite essential in finding what’s out there, and for putting yourself out on the market as well. However, I’d like to dig a little deeper into the online fashion community, to provide more fashion-specific options for you! The more places you’re searching, the more opportunity for you to find your match!

Fashionista is an incredible place to keep up on all things going around in the world of fashion, and their careers page is full of incredible opportunities for internships and fashion industry positions! Some positions currently listed include an OW Fall Production Intern, Pulse Advertising seeking an influencer marketing intern, Wetherly Group looking for a Fashion PR Intern, and fashion stylist Patti Wilson seeking an intern!

The founder of Intern Queen, Lauren Berger, held around 15 internships and founded the site to aide in connecting students to companies looking for interns. On the Intern Queen, you’re able to filter your search to the business and areas of the industry that match your interests. Unfortunately all the internships featured here are within the U.S., but keep reading for more opportunities!

Fashion Workie is full of all London-based internships, separated by the type of job posted. With a simple layout, it’s very simple to see what experience level/job type you’re looking at! Fashion Workie might be enough to get me to make the move from California to London, we’ll see.. ;)

More UK based jobs, yay!! FashionUnited has a bit harder interface to get around, but is still far from impossible to find your perfect position. Use the side menu bar to view Jobs and then select “Find an Internship.” From here, you are able to search for certain job types and locations!

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