Subject: Striking the balance between work and play

We are all subject to routine, whether it’s at work, Uni, school or home, and it’s that routine that grounds us and organises our lives. But, like everything that repeats itself, monotony can be a killer. Sure a disciplined routine and focussed mind comes hand in hand with success, but how do you stop yourself being consumed by your job? Or your studies? When is it time to indulge in something you don’t have to do, but something you WANT to?
The truth is that your free time is your play time, and you shouldn’t feel guilty about taking interest in other things that aren’t your job or your field of study. Take me for example. I am studying for my degree in Journalism, with the hopes of one day having a career as a reporter or documentarian (NatGeo hook me up? Pls?). I am serious about journalism, but I am also serious about nurturing my creative side, and not letting that be compromised by my career goals. Between filming news stories and reading off a teleprompter, I really enjoy making things. My favourite things to make are stuff I can wear, like jewellery and hair accessories, as well as the occasional room decoration inspired by Pinterest. I’ve promised myself that I won’t give up the creative ambition I’ve had since I was a child, and in doing so I’ve maintained a creative outlet that I can escape to when I’m feeling stressed or uninspired.
I suppose the dream is to have a career perfect enough that it fills all your creative needs as well as earning you a living, but let’s be honest, that probably isn’t the case for most of us, so it’s important that we look for ways of getting that fix. It could be simple, like creating a separate Instagram account dedicated to something you love, like outfit styling (is it acceptable to make one dedicated to your dog??? I’m gonna say yes) or starting up your own cooking channel on Youtube. Literally anything can provide a well-deserved escape from the mundane. It goes without saying that moderation is key, and although you shouldn’t compromise creativity for your job, you also shouldn’t compromise your job for the sake of a hobby. Balance is everything, and I’m definitely still learning how to get the perfect balance between things I want to do, and the work I have to do. But we’re only human, and we shouldn’t be afraid to let our minds switch off from work every once in a while.
So, finish sending those emails, take a break from revision and spice up ya life. Whatever it is, you do you.

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Kezia Smith Comment