Subject: Studying vs. Hand On Experience?

Saved by the bell

We grow up with the notion that if we want a career in something we must go to school for it. We apply to university, we pick our majors/courses, we study, and then we graduate into the real world. But just how effective is taking classes about a topic you think you want work in for the rest of your life? Will you get more out of having actual hands on experience?

Don't get me wrong, I think studying is extremely important and necessary at times, but sometimes you simply don't get a real taste of what you're studying until you put it to real practice.

I went into uni convinced I wanted to be a journalist, and you may be thinking "Well Melanie you're writing now so where are you going with this?" Well you see the moment I started to take classes I started to hate it. To the point that I was ready to change my degree. It wasn't until I started to write for online blogs and that I joined the school's newspaper that I started to rediscover my love for writing and remembered why I wanted to study this in the first place.

The classes presented me to all the tools and skills I needed to know but it was the actual hands on experience which reassured me that this is what I wanted to do. Often what we think is our dream can turn out to be something we actually don't enjoy doing, but you'll never really be able to determine that until you actually go out there and do it.

What I am trying to say is not that you should go and quit all your classes but rather that you should consider having both hand by hand. It's not about studying vs. hands on experience and which one is better, but rather it's about knowing both are important and learning how to combine both.

Clearly, every career path is different and some may require less actual studying then others, and that's ok. Studying is the essential primary part to what you want to eventually do in your life. It's the concepts you need to know and the processes you will need to apply. Interning, working, and just having any type of hands on experience will allow you to apply this into the real world while giving you a true insight as to what that career is really like out in there.

So study, do your work and go out there and kill it!

Kind regards,