Subject: The benefits of being besties with your boss in the fashion industry

The most common fear when starting a new job or internship, you ask?

Your boss not liking you (or you messing up royally) so the thought of being besties with your boss can seem like a far-fetched idea, no? 

There can be many hidden benefits to having a great relationship with your boss.

The Work Environment: Fashion can be a crazy world, where most days are nothing short of hectic. Having a relaxed environment, where you can have the occasional side joke with your boss can really take the pressure off. I don’t know about you guys, but I do tend to work faster, when I don’t feel like someone’s watching my every move and just lets me get on my work without that added stress. 

Schedules: Need a certain day off, hoping to work from home or just need to change a shift? This can be made so much easier when you’re comfortable with your boss. If you guys have a great friendship going on it’s very likely that they will be slightly more lenient with the above.  

Making You A Better Employee: It can actually make you better at your job, friends want friends to succeed. So, they may push you even further. When your given a piece of work to do, sometimes when you’re starting a new job you might feel slightly awkward asking your boss a ton of questions with the fear of looking like you have no clue what you’re actually doing, hanging over you. Whereas if you feel more comfortable with your boss, you’re more likely to ask them enough questions to ensure you fully understand. 

There is of course a line, so make sure you gauge just where this is before you go just that step too far! 

The Real Benefits: If you work in fashion its highly likely your boss gets invited to a ton of events on the daily, if they can’t go or want a plus one who they going to go to? You. Yes you! I’ve definitely felt this privilege during my internships I’ve had the opportunity to go to several press evenings, fashion shows and brand launches. If you’re on an internship, make sure to take advantage of this as much as possible. The connections you will make can be priceless.

Although the idea of being friends with your boss seems absolutely daunting, it’s not only a way of making life in the office a much more relaxed environment but it can open up more doors than you may imagine.  

One of the things I would personally bare in mind when being all chummy with your boss is the other interns in the office, especially if they feel you are being favoured over them. No one wants that. 

Side note…Don’t force the relationship, sometimes things just aren’t meant to be, so try your best not to come on too strong!



All my love,