Subject: The hard copies you should be reading

Now, before you all email in about fashion magazines being a dying industry... hold up, it aint a dying industry yet, therefore we are gonna cover it. Get it... cover ;) No? OK cool.

Fashion magazines was how I first got to know the fashion industry. My mum would have Woman and Home (ok not really fashion, but there were photoshoots) as well as a random copy of Elle and maybe Next (British retailer catalogue) on the coffee table in our living room. The pure enjoyment of putting sticky notes on my favourite pages, let me to think at 18, I wanted to become a magazine Editor which... I am now an Editor but not of a magazine. Anyway, I digress.

Here are some of my favourite magazines to buy... go explore, learn, enjoy and support.

And sorry... I am referring to the British versions. 






What are your favourite magazines? 

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