Subject: Top Tips on Having A Side Hustle 

Top Tips on Having A Side Hustle

The workforce has experienced a world of change in the last 20 years. Baby boomers dominated CEO positions, owned small businesses and were always the big decision makers in every industry. Their children have grown up and have a new approach to careers, goals, family and passions. We’ve truly coined the phrase “Side Hustle”, whether you’re a student trying to survive on little / no money or just a working person trying to afford all of life’s responsibilities, the average 9-5 job probably isn’t going to cut it, financially or mentally.

Here are few tips on having a successful side hustle and how to keep one!


Be Creative

Music, fashion, art, and beauty come to mind when I think of popular creative industries. Although you may have full time commitments, many of us use social media outlets to share our passions with the world. Whether you are using platforms like Depop, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, they all promote individuality and you have complete control of your product or brand. You are able to be your own boss, manage yourself and invest as much time and effort as you like.  Make sure your side hustle is unique to you, having creative control is what makes it so enjoyable, the sky really is the limit.

Manage Your Time

Think about your daily routine and schedule and be realistic with yourself. If you know you are a horrible morning person, don’t expect to get much “side work” done in that time slot. Make sure priorities, school, work, family are taken care of as well as putting energy into your side projects. Make the time you do spend productive… an hour a day or a couple evenings a week for example is enough time to keep your side hustle alive. You know best what you can manage, my point is just balance. The more organised you are with your time the more you can get out of your passion. Money isn’t the only thing that’s going to progress you, reading, talking to others and inspiration all bring success.  


Use your resources and your personal life connections as inspiration. Work with others in your field. Interview and brainstorm with other like-minded individuals. Put together promotional events with others in the same industry that you can all benefit from! Communities are everywhere, and I can guarantee when you meet and work with others in your field of interest, it will be extremely rewarding. You don’t always have to make it financial either, energy trades and sharing in success is sometimes worth more than money!

Be Patient 

Nothing happens overnight. If your side hustle is a big dream you are trying to put into motion be patient, it may not blow up after your first post or attempt but keep tweaking, learning and putting the work in. There is always room for improvement and honestly don’t rush into anything until you think you are ready. For a long time, I dreamed of having my own clothing store, and although my passion was overwhelming, I didn’t launch it until this year. Timing was perfect, I collaborated with my best friend and my lifestyle gives me the freedom to spend quality time on what I love. 

Knowledge is Power

Don’t stop learning! I cannot stress this enough, age does not matter. There is so much information at our fingertips; listen, read and become an expert in the field of your hustle. Online classes are great for this as well as YouTube and podcasts. Make sure the knowledge your absorbing is from a credible source though, look within your community for free resources, seminars or classes provided at your local university or online.

GO FOR IT! Although I’m not a HUGE fan of school, studying topics that truly interest you will not feel like a chore but more like an exciting challenge. 

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