Subject: Updating your CV

CV writing can be daunting but that it should not be.

Think of it as an opportunity to write two pages about how splendid you are. Opportunities come up when you’re least expecting it so be prepared and keep your CV updated so it is available on demand.


What to add

  • Correct contact details. Wrong number? Goodbye potential job. This isn’t The Chase.

  • Relevant education. Note the use of relevant.

  • Past employment and work experience. Keep it focused to the job on offer.

  • Positions of Responsibility. Do you have a driving license? Have access to a car? Have you managed a team? Tell the world.

  • Additonal information. Awards, skills, volunteering. Think extra curricular.

  • Your LinkedIn Url. And any other relevant links. Do you have a website? A portfolio? Add it on!

What to ditch

  • An opening monologue about yourself. They don’t care. I enjoy a catchy headline but keep it to the point.

  • Your part time bar job in 2010. Shamefully I realised this whilst redoing my own CV. Need I remind you (or myself) that 2010 is 9 years ago.

  • A detailed list of your GCSE results. A pound for anybody who has actually been asked what GCSEs they attained?

  • Your A-level Psychology teacher as a reference. Keep it, again, relevant.

The fashion industry is crowded to say the least and your CV needs to stand out. Add some colour, switch up your font and sell yourself. Pinterest is great if you need some format inspiration.

And pleaze. SPELL CHECK. It’s 2019 - there is no need for spelling mistakes. Use Grammarly to triple check your CV.

Good luck,


Juliette WallComment