Subject: What its like attending fashion week as a student

Before moving to London to study fashion, the thought of going to a fashion week seemed crazy, scratch that…impossible.  

In my eyes it was for the writers, the Instagram influencers and the “it” gang of the fashion industry.

But actually, with a little tenacity and organisation, a fashion student like me can get in.  

How did I do it you ask?

Good old email to the PR’s of the designers about a month before fashion week starts.  I simply explained who I am (fashion student at LCF) and what I do and it worked in some cases.

So eventfully, the tickets were at my doorstep– great, I can actually see what the hell goes on at these most awaited for events in the fashion calendar.

But then the panic sets in, yep you guessed it, what the hell are you supposed to wear? I didn’t want to look like a peacock but I knew everyone was going to dress up, whilst at the same time, I was trying to be me and not some clone from the magazine pages.

A forage through the wardrobe, as well as a couple of purchases from Zara, I think I was ready to go.

First show day.  After racing there from work on a Friday evening, the circus-like experience began.  

Photographers were everywhere, (think of them as the visitors at a zoo) and then along came the swarm of true fashion followers, feeding the paps the angles and money shots which will be all over the street style blogs the next day, if not that same night.  

Standing in the queue for a good 45 minutes (20 minutes past show time), you can’t help to people watch and listen in to the fashun chat: “What shall I caption this?”, “oh my god I know, did you see her? She didn’t even get front row this morning” and “stop, I want those Guccis sooooo badly”.

Ok, so it wasn’t like this for every show, but you get the idea of what some of the conversation is like.

Once inside, with a few freebies (a.k.a snacks) in hand, you’re seated or standing, ready to watch the show.  

The lights go down, music plays and you start to see what you’ve waited, pushing for an hour for.  Clothes. Plenty of them too. But in no longer than 10 minutes, the show is finished and you’re onto the next catwalk if you’re lucky.

Then the moment hits you, that you’re witnessing the same spectacle as some of your favourite writers you saw outside being photographed, the influencers you constantly stalk on insta, and that IT gang you really want to be a part of.

So for those 10 minutes, it is a fun experience if you are fashion lover.  

Just don’t feel pressured to dress in a way you wouldn’t just to be noticed by the cameras, or splash the cash to have the bag or pair of shoes just for one show – it’s not worth it, trust me.  If a new top or pair of earrings will make you feel even more special for the day, then go for it! I did. Just dress for yourself and no one else.

And definitely don’t feel unworthy if you get declined an invite for a show.  One day you will be first on their list - unfortunately it’s all part of the fashion ladder.

Enjoy the events you are invited to and try to go to every one you can!  

Kind regards,

Emilie Hill

Emilie Hill is a London College of fashion student. You can follow her on Instagram here or add her on Linkedin here

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