Subject: What three traits do the most successful interns share?

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What three traits would you use to describe yourself? It’s a tough question for sure, but when thinking about those traits that relate to the working world you should be aware of what companies and employers find attractive. Check out another piece I wrote for FashionUnited last month.

There are lots of qualities that make up great interns and workers in any company. As an intern you’re there, not only to benefit and assist the department you’re working for, but to improve your skills and grow personally as a young professional. But what is it that makes an intern loved and remembered by a company? As a former intern, and now a hiring manager, I can safely say, these three traits will help you stand out from the crowd, be appreciated, respected and ultimately valued.

Having a strong initiative

A great intern is one that isn’t always told what to do. Of course that doesn’t mean running before you can walk. This is a trait that will develop as you become more comfortable and confident in a department where you are learning the systems and processes of how the team works and how the department is run. You will inevitably spot areas and opportunities where you can offer your assistance without being told or asked. There is nothing better when an intern can spot a problem, offer a solution or notices that someone needs help. It shows you are sharp and aware of what’s going on around you and have the confidence to get involved!

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