Subject: What to do in the lead up to any interview

Devil wears Prada

Although it may seem like getting an interview at your favourite magazine or hot shot clothing company is the most impossible thing, it’s true getting them to turn their head in your direction can be hard BUT it’s actually the part that comes next that will really determine your fate.

Depending on how badly you want this position, will determine how much work you will be willing to put into the interview and all the prep beforehand.

When it comes to working in fashion the most important part is actually getting in the door, the community that is fashion, it is a tight knit one so first impressions matter more than you’d expect, so being prepared is extremely important.

Preparing for the Interview -What you should be doing in the lead up to your Internship Interview.

Don’t worry about completing everything on this list, take it all as a rough guide. You may find your own special techniques for preparing for your Internship Interview along the way!

Research- The most essential part.

Research, research, research and did I mention research? The most important element. Dedicate an evening to preparing all of your research for your interview, have a look at the most common questions for that particular company. Look at these questions and then look at your internship job description and try and come up with answers to questions they could possibly ask – don’t worry about spending too much time on this, there not there to trick you!

Research your interviewers & the company, it’s likely you’ve been told who may be interviewing you but if not, you still have resources to narrowing the person down. Finding the person can be easy, just hop on our personal fave, LinkedIn. For example, if you are applying for an internship in marketing search ‘Head of Marketing or Marketing Manager’ at the desired company. Once you know the person do a little research into them, this can be helpful for those quiet moments between questions!

Researching the Company should be a given, find out everything you can when it started, the founders – if it’s a fashion brand, have a look for recent collections and collaborations. It's also worth having a little look about current news and updates relating to the field your applying for, for example if it’s marketing, what’s happening in the world of fashion marketing currently? Find out as much as you can, you want the interviewer to see that you are dedicated and are truly interested in the company and department as a whole.  

Interview Question Tips:

  • Going back to the internships job description, a useful tip would be to think of a time where you displayed all of the qualities they are looking for within this description through your past jobs and/or volunteering days!

  • That dreaded “Have you got any questions for us” having interviewed over a dozen potential interns at my current internship, I now understand why this part is so important to the interviewer. It shows your interest and just how eager you are about the position.

  • Expect the expected questions. They may sound extremely obvious but if you’ve not prepared beforehand, you may feel like you’re being put on the spot. Questions such as: “Why do you want this job” “What will you bring to the company” have a little think beforehand and jot some notes down.

  • Cheat Sheet: Write out your research. Jot some notes down, make it as easy as you can for yourself!

Go get em!

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My name is Margaret, I’m a 20 year old Fashion Marketing student, currently undertaking an internship role with The Fashion Network, where I’ve had the opportunity to interview over a dozen potential interns! I hope you find this piece of use in your preparation for your interview, if you have any other questions about preparing, don’t hesitate to ask! Find Margaret here