Subject: What to do on your commute

Did you know the average American spends an hour commuting each day, and it’s double that for the average Brit with a 2-hour commute…So it’s fair to say all those hours add up?

I used to commute 4 hours a day, so you could say I am a pro at the commuter life (ha I did one year and now think I’m all that.) I used to drive to the station, hop on a train, get the tube and finally walk the last bit to work, so undertook pretty much every form of transportation.

I always found that if I had something to do on my commute it went so much faster, so here’s a little list of ideas to help you out.


Get a good book and you won’t ever want to put it down, I would normally stick to light-hearted books as I found if it was a challenging read I would end up asleep on those early morning trains.

1. Leave Your Mark - Land your dream job. Kill it in your career. Rock social media.  - Great one if you are interested in career advice or the fashion industry in general!

2. The Devils Wear Prada – loved reading this book #classic

3. Hot Mess - Think Bridget Jones Diary

4. Deception Point – an interesting thriller, mystery

5. All the bright places – I got hooked on this one and was a very easy read

6. Beautiful Disaster – One of those typical teen love story books



1. My Dad Wrote a Porno – Honestly had me laughing out loud on the train

2. BBC Radio 1, Greg James, That's What He Said – Always funny and easy to listen too

3. The Debrief, basically a podcast about how to adult – It’s super interesting, I promise.  

4. The Business of Fashion Podcast – This one is great for all things Fashion!


Catch up TV your favourite TV shows

I know everyone has different tastes, but these are my top picks.

1. Love Island – So hooked at the moment! Currently rooting for Danny & Jack at the moment.

2. Friday Night Dinner

3. Mock The Week

4. Would I lie to you

5. Dr. Foster


Online Shopping

There are so many apps out there something a bit of online retail therapy after a long day can be fun and dangerous.


Just have a nap

Not going to lie to you, more often than not I would nap on the way to and from work.  Just be sure to set a timer for a bit before, so that you wake up and don’t miss your stop. #lifesaver


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