Subject: What to do on your lunch break

For starters (no pun intended) – take your lunch break. It’s definitely becoming the new norm to eat at your desk but don’t feel pressured to do so because those around you are. Eat. Feed that brain and take a breather. Alternatively, encourage your team to venture out for a team lunch. Not only will this be a great reflection on you but will enable work relationships to be formed on a more personal level. (Also, the company might pay... WIN)

During the (brief) London summer, go outside! Your melanin (look it up) is crying – give it some well-deserved Vitamin D (and increased levels of Co2 if you’re in London). Fresh air is definitely essential when you’re permanently engulfed in samples shipped from all over the world – probable as a fashion intern.

Channel your inner Dora and explore your surroundings. There is guaranteed to be a beautiful park, an independent café, a unique boutique, or simply incredible architecture within walking distance of your office. Go and have a wonder.

Listen to a podcast, Hannah's current favourite Getting Curious by Jonathan Van Ness (Grooming guy on Queer Eye) Yassss queen.

Read a book. Get away from screens for a while and pretend you’re in the 20th century. Here’s a few easy read recommendations.

Sharp Objects – Gillian Flynn

The Perfect Girlfriend – Karen Hamilton

The Girl on the Train (of course) – Paula Hawkins

One Day - David Nicholls


On the contrary, catch up on Love Island – I’m not sorry (*you should be* - Hannah's input)

Run errands. Post the letter. Buy the birthday present. Ring the bank. Get it done! Running small errands on your lunch break not only gives you a reason to take time out away from the office but also frees up your spare evening / weekend time.

CALL YOUR LOVED ONES. Self-explanatory – they’ll make your day better regardless.

Plan your afternoon. Think about your priorities for the next few hours in order to be the most efficient you can be. Time away from the desk allows you to see what needs to be done with fresh eyes.

Alternatively, do nothing, have a nap if you're hungover... and put on Happy Hits, find a grassy patch, and do nothing

Enjoy it.

Kind regards,


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