Subject: What to have in your Intern bag

Interning can be manic but having a few tricks up your sleeve (or in your bag) can make it that bit easier. 

You know how your mum always has a pen in her bag? Be more like your mum. I’ve spent a good 3 hours of my life searching for a pen whilst balancing my phone in-between my ear and shoulder and it is not fun. So, save your time and reduce your stress levels by keeping a pen in your bag. 

A card holder. Don’t be that person blocking the tube entrance rummaging through their Mary Poppins-esque bag for their oyster. Invest in a card holder and pop your important cards in there. Alternatively - if you have a lanyard - slide your oyster card in there (Having it around your neck makes life super easy). 

After work activities happen more often than they should so ensure you stash your beauty essentials in your bag to take you instantly from day to night. I can guarantee by 5pm you care significantly less about what you look like so emphasis on the essentials. 

Here’s mine… 

Nars concealer

EOS lip balm

Dark lipstick

Eyebrow gel

Tester perfume. Do the rounds in a department store and you can come out with enough perfume testers to last a good few months. 

A HAIR BAND. An obvious choice yet one that after 22 years of living I still manage to forget. On a similar note - if you don't have a Tangle Teezer - you need one. I have this compact style which is permanently in my bag and has saved me from many a knot. 

Plasters. All the running around you’ll be doing in your undoubtedly new shoes (bad move) will inevitably end up in a blister. Pre-empt the inevitable and buy some plasters. 

Reusable coffee cup. Cheaper coffee and helping to save the world. A winning combination. 

A portable charger. You’ll no doubt be using your phone on your internship to jot down notes, to take photographs and to city mapper routes around London (as well as of course sending unattractive photos of your face to friends). Your (presumably) iPhone can not handle all that responsibility on one charge and a commute home without a phone or music isn’t fun. Headphones are also a must. 

Alternatively - a mini book of important numbers. The only numbers I’ve ever managed to master are my own, my home phone, and my child hood best friends phone number - none of which are of much use. 

Sellotape. This one may seem a little odd if you drop your bag and it slowly rolls across the floor, but I guarantee it will come in useful. The amount of time I’ve wasted searching for tape to box up samples that no doubt need to be sent across the world equates to... a lot. Save yourself the hassle and hoard your own.  

Hope this helps,



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