Subject: When is enough experience, enough?

Never enough, greatest showman

Fashion, an industry where experience is everything. I mean having passion and motivation are certainly up there, but experience is what sets you apart from your peers.  

So how much work experience and internships should you be taking part in? As many as you can would be the typical answer but say you go to university, you also have the joys of working a part time job (Try and get one in retail if it is fashion you’re interested in!) so you probably don’t have time to be doing a different form of work experience every other week.  So, it’s important to put quality over quantity.

The truth is you could do 6 internships and short work placements and 5 could just involve you shadowing, running errands and making cups of tea. During that 6th internship you might have had the chance to do actual work that could benefit towards your chosen industry, for example getting the chance to write content, plan social media posts or just getting the chance to attend meetings and have an actual input! Wouldn’t you have preferred to just do that one, rather than use up all of your time on the 5 that could potentially help but at the same time, in what interview will you be tested on the process of tea making? (probably if it was with me, I’m Irish we like our tea a certain way!)

When choosing where it is you should do your work experience, you should be thinking will it be worth it?, what are they offering and what can you get out of it? It all comes down to that great little saying of “time is money” you can’t put “tea making” on your cv so when looking at potential work experience, what will you be able to put on your cv and what transferable skills will you gain.

When it comes to interviewing for jobs, they want to hear about your work experience, they value this. It shows drive and determination. BUT they will only want to know about the transferable skills you have gained whilst taking part in your work experience. Always have this in the back of your mind.

It’s also a good idea to think about diversity when applying for work experience, this is your time to learn and to round yourself as a potential candidate, so it’s always better if you do plan on doing more than one form of work experience to try and make them slightly different. This is just so you can say you learned x y and z at one place and a, b and c at another.

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Kind regards,

Margaret Ward