Subject: When to recognise you need time off

We’ve all been there, when you feel completely burned out and the most basic tasks feel like you’ve ran a marathon. Maybe you’re reaching for your toothbrush in the kitchen or even skipping meals because you’re too tired to prepare something. Whatever it maybe, it’s enough for it to be too much, so...

do you ever just think, ‘I need a break’? / a 5* all expenses paid for holiday?

We are influenced everyday to be Wonder women of the world. To take on that extra internship whilst we study or take on those extra hours after work to help out. We aren’t disputing having a good work ethic being a good thing however, we feel that having that recognition for your YOU time, is just as important.

So with that in mind, we have put together a little check list for all those ‘too busy’ having zero chill time that they forgotten to you know, just chill.

  • Waking up feeling nauseous and dreadful - it’s as simple as this ladies, listen to your body and your mind. After all, you are all you have. If you need a sick day, then take one. 

  • Not motivated - Research shows, signs of emotional un-wellness usually include dragging yourself out of bed, feeling drained and being easily irritated. There’s only one way to solve this and thats to re-charge your batteries and SLEEEEP.

  • InsomniaNot being able to sleep is a strong indication that you have too many things on your mind. A great way to beat this and clear your mind before bed, exercise, maybe try yoga or even mediate. 

  • Feeling unsociable - When we are feeling overwhelmed we can often hide away but it’s actually proven, that spending time with friends makes us happier. It’s a thing, so why not invite your friends over and watch a movie. Switch off from work and your responsibilities for an hour or two.

We hope you all take a break today.

Kind regards,

Tiffany x