Subject: When/How to ask for days off

“Have you asked your boss for those three days off in July? We need to book the hotel ASAP.”

I get instant anxiety when these situations arise, especially during an internship. Listen, I want to relax on those three days just as much as you do, but what will those three days off mean to my boss or the company I’m interning for? Although the ~vibe~ of every internship you have is different, you should be careful when asking for days off.

Best scenario: They say yes, no problem. You can make up your work when you get back, work overtime, etc.

But what could this mean for your image? If you’re interning for only the summer, for example, you’re only there for two to three months. Taking a couple days or a week off might make you look as if you are not committed to the job. This may be untrue and an exaggeration, but it could be true.

Another thing to think about is what you will be missing on the job. Is there a meeting you need to go to? Are there any events or projects going on that you feel will give you great experience for your future? Remember, this is not a permanent position; you are there to provide the company temporary help while at the same time gaining excellent experience for yourself. Don’t take your time there for granted.

Now don’t peg me as an anti-vacation intern; I’m currently trying to find a week off during this summer to road trip through Canada with some girlfriends (probs not gonna happen; read above as to why). But if you are DETERMINED to find some time off, take advantage of the weekend! Maybe ask for Friday and Monday off and BAM, you’ve got yourself a five-day vacay! Also, ask if you can do the work remotely. Bring your laptop to wherever you’re jetting off to, grab a glass of rosé and bang it out; this way you can have fun and not feel guilty about physically missing work.

Bottom line; think before you ask or even plan your trip. Will your supervisor be okay with it? Can you do the work remotely? Will the trip compromise your experience/future career? Think it through and then decide. What’s the worst that can happen? They say no, and you’ll sip your wine at home in your sweats?

Everyone needs and deserves time off, you just have to be strategic to as and when.

Keep grinding my friends.

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