Subject: Why Having a degree isn’t enough anymore?

Heidi Montag intern

We are told on such a consistent basis that having a degree is the only way we can get our dream job, that without one we might as well just start applying at the nearest fast food restaurant or have a start-up company that makes millions by the age of 21.

We live in such a competitive time, where everyone wants success and getting to university is easier now than it ever was with the use of student loans.

Having a degree does without a shadow of a doubt set you apart from your competitors, especially if you happen to attend a highly regarded university. In 2017 UCAS stated that the largest ever portion of 18-year olds had entered higher education, thus upping your competition.

So, if everyone goes to a good university, gets good grades and graduates who are more likely to get the job?

Once you walk out of university with your degree, that’s when the hard work really begins. You will now be competing with hundreds if not thousands of fresh graduates who all probably received a 2.1.

Do you see as to why it might be worthwhile to have something alongside your degree?

There are so many ways you can make sure that you appear a cut above the rest when applying for graduate jobs.

  1. The most obvious one and probably the most important. Internships/Work experience/Placements anything you can find! Big companies are more selective than ever. They want graduates who they don’t have to start from complete scratch with, they want them to come with a great degree, a smile and a hell of a lot of experience. Companies such as Boohoo state this on the regular, they believe that internships are 100% vital for preparing you for the world of work.

  2. Volunteer! Possibly the easiest way to differentiate yourself, there are so many worthwhile charities who are always in need of an extra hand! It shows you are kind, considerate and are capable of giving up your own time to help those less fortunate.

  3. Side hustle, this could be writing for a website such as The Intern 24/7, taking part in an online course such as Google Analytics or Facebook blueprint (This part obviously depends on your career path) love to write? Maybe create your own blog and write to your heart's content.

  4. Get a job: This shows you are capable of working in a team, communicating with customers and dedicated all in one! Plus, it’s an extra reference you can use.

Having a degree helps to cut through the noise of your competitors but it’s up to you to make yourself stand out even more.

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My name is Margaret, I’m a 20 year old Fashion Marketing student, currently undertaking an internship role with The Fashion Network, where I’ve had the opportunity to interview over a dozen potential interns! I hope you find this piece of use in your preparation for your interview, if you have any other questions about preparing, don’t hesitate to ask! Find Margaret here

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