Subject: Why you should work in retail before entering the fashion industry

Khloe Kardashian retail

Retail is believe it or not, 99 percent about fashion?!

If you aspire to be a buyer, a marketeer or even a stylist! Having retail experience on your cv to back you up, can go a long way. There are so many different skills which you can translate from working in retail to being in a fashion industry job after university.

One example that should come to mind is people. Whist working in retail you can fully immerse yourself in the customers journey, get to know them and all of their habits, what they like, what they don’t. Once you enter your new grad job you can bring this to the table. No matter where you work, if it’s within fashion understanding the customer is probably the most important thing.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? If your answer leans more towards introvert then without a slither of a doubt, retail will flip that switch. Confidence in yourself and an excellent set of communication skills are vital within the fashion industry. Fashion is a highly competitive industry and the above are needed if you hope to succeed. Dealing with customers on a daily basis, their queries and their complaints, all can help to shape you into the outgoing goddess you’re here to be.

Working in retail also gives you a good chance to explore the culture of a business, see how it works from the inside. You might decide that you love this particular brand more than you thought and want to continue working here after your studies, it’s extremely common for retail businesses to hire internally before they release a position to the public, giving you an even better chance of scoring your dream job.

I’ve only just touched on the benefits of working in retail and how it can correlate with a Fashion Industry job, but we do hope it helps to make your decision just that easier.

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