Subject: What to do during a meeting

Meetings can be intimidating. Big conference rooms, presentations, lots of big words being
thrown around. Especially when you’re invited to meetings as an intern as chances are you’re
not quite sure what to do.

If you have a good manager, chances are they will invite you to multiple meetings in order to
get you to listen in and start learning about specific projects they may be working on.
Sometimes these meetings might be small, just including people from the team or sometimes
they might be a bit more formal with higher ups or even clients. Either way each meeting
should be treated equally as important.

But if you’re not quite sure what to do during a meeting, no worries follow these simple steps
and you will be set.

 Take Notes: as an intern it is expected that you will be taking notes, whether it is
needed or not by the team, you should always have a pen and notebook on hand. This
will not only show that you’re proactive and interested but it will help you get a better
understanding of what was discussed during the meeting. Also, if there is ever a future
question about the meeting you will be prepared to bring up your notes and truly
impress your coworkers.

 Listen and be a Part of the Conversation: Often you will be invited to meetings just to
listen in, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of the conversation. There are many
ways you can do this without actually speaking. Be sure you’re clearly listening and are
not distracted, make eye contact and nod your head along. Even if you’re just invited
just to listen don’t be afraid to speak up if there is anything you want to contribute to
the conversation, this will show that you’re involved and interested. Of course, there
may be situations when you’re not sure you can speak up, such as meeting with clients
or higher ups, you will be able to tell when it’s appropriate and when it isn’t. Even if you
can’t contribute to the meeting, bring it up to your manager later as they will most likely
appreciate the input and even encourage you to talk about it next time.

 Do NOT Bring Your Phone: one of the things I’ve learned from attending meetings is not
only how distracting it can be to have my phone right there but also how distracting it is
when somebody else brings theirs. Opt to leave your behind at your desk so that you’re
fully focused on the meeting.

 Write Down Your Questions: I’ve always been the type to be too shy to ask my manager
questions, afraid that I would seem dumb in some way. But I’ve come to realize how
important this step is. If your manager is inviting you to a meeting it’s because they
want to share this information with you. If you feel confused during the meeting write
down your questions and be sure to ask your manager or somebody else on the team
this will help clarify things for meetings in the future.

 Don’t be Afraid: I know easier said than done but believe me I used to be afraid of
meeting and now I am the type to constantly schedule them, even just to clarify any doubts I may have. They may seem intimidating, but they really aren’t as bad as you’d

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