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fashion brand consultant

A fashion brand consultant works with fashion brands and designers to help them successfully grow & develop in the fashion & retail industry.

They guide them through all the essential steps to launch or rebrand; and help them establish a strong brand identity through branding & strategising who the customer is, their position in the market place, pricing etc. With their finger on the pulse, the consultant also forecasts & feeds back any relevant trend analysis (across fashion, retail, economy, society etc) to help the brand or designer evolve in line with consumer needs. From creating directional mood boards and fabric sourcing; to design, product development & range building, they give creative direction to ensure the brand or designer develops & produces a first-to-market, commercial range. If the brand or designer is looking to implement a sustainable, efficient supply chain; or grow profit revenue through new channels like market expansion or wholesale, a consultant can also assist with this. The consultant also assists with all visual content creation across campaigns, e-commerce & social media - to ensure it's relevant, authentic & relatable to the brand & target consumer. Written by Leah Hanrahan, founder of The Fashion Cultivator

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