Garment technology

Maybe one of the most confusing departments in the fashion industry, well at least I think so (Hannah) so, i’ll let the experts do the talking.

Fabric technical assistant

Fabric technical assistant

Fabric technical assistant role profiles vary within each company. A John Lewis fabric tech assistant is responsible for supporting and assisting the Fabric Tech. Sourcing fabrics from mills for womenswear, menswear and childernswear from trade shows and our current fabric library collection is a huge part of my role. Additionally my role is very creative and forecasting/reporting of fabric trends for each season is key for fashion direction. A variation in projects about newness and innovation around fabrics and fibres and comparatives shops also come into my role. Written by Alexandra Poignand, Fabric technical assistant at John Lewis

pattern cutter

Pattern cutter

 A pattern cutter is responsible for allowing a designers garment concept to be created. We use their designs,tech packs or bought samples to create patterns, meet again with designers to fit and assess the garment at first sample stage and to make any amendments. This process is repeated until the pattern and sample are perfect and ready for bulk production. Throughout the process we work closely with sample machinists to look at fabrics, trims and finishes to ensure they are appropriate for the final product and that the pattern is correct, and also work closely with CAD technicians who help us maximise the efficiency of a garment by creating lay plans for cutting to reduce fabric wastage and cost. Written by, Ameila Hall freelance pattern cutter.

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Technical assistant 

A technical assistant reports to technologists; organising, assisting and scribing in fit sessions. Communicating fit comments with suppliers and ensuring they stick to the critical path is a key part of the role. Analysing reports on refunded goods and organising wearer trials can also be part of daily activities, as well as organising and viewing test results, and of course keeping the sample cupboards in order!! Written by, Sophie Bennett, Technical Assistant- Marks & Spencer

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Garment Technologist

A Garment Technologist is someone who is responsible for the fit / sizing and quality of a garment.  The technical person who can make a designers sketch a reality, who can advise on construction and fit details and communicate this to factories.  A garment technologist also makes sure the garment is fit for purpose by checking test reports and care labels. Written by Hayley Kenworthy, garment technologist at Jaegar