Subject: Meet Molly Jamshidian

Name: Molly Jamshidian

How old are you?


Where are you from?

I was born in England but raised in sunny Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Do/did you study?

I am currently in my third year doing Textile Design at Duncan of Jordanston College of Art and Design (DJCAD) in Dundee and love it! 

Where have you interned?

I have began my first fashion internship with a wonderful design label based in Dundee called Dreamland with the Creative Director Ruby Coyne. The company is in two parts- Dreamland Mainline and Dreamland Vintage so I have the opportunity to work in a versatile business. 

What's been your best intern moment?

Having the opportunity to work on the Autumn/ Winter 2016/17 shoot was such a fantastic day! There was a great energy and everybody worked so well together as well as the day running as smoothly as possible! 

What has been your worst intern moment?

I did have a slight major panic where I did a stock take (hungover) on my own in the studio and I miscounted some items. I felt awful but Ruby was really relaxed about it and I've learned to be on the ball when I go in! 

Where do you/did you go to look for internships?

I got very lucky with this internship, Ruby put out a post when I applied online and got the internship! Currently, I am googling and looking on places like and such for any internships going. Personally contacting designers is another method I'd like to look into maybe for smaller fashion companies.

 What piece of information would you like to have known before you start out your internship?

Never expect any day to be the same, and realize all the housekeeping parts of the job are just as important as the big, creative tasks, so never turn your nose up at any job and do it with all your enthusiasm. 

What are you currently doing?

Currently, the interns are helping Ruby promote her Kickstarter Campaign for her new collection and also we're spending a lot of time with the Autumn/ Winter Vintage Collection and getting that online. 

What's your career goal?

To be a fashion designer myself and have my own company has always been a dream, ever since I could draw. Before that, I have a real interest in sustainable fashion and working in collaboration with other people in order to ensure a more environmentally and ethically sustainable industry. 

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