Subject: Meet Chia


I'm Charmaine but you can call me Chia

How old are you? 


Where are you from? 


Do/did you study? 

Yes. I have a degree in Business Administration major in Business Management, worked in an insurance company for four years. During those years of working, I enrolled my self to different creative courses/workshops such as jewelry bead making, writing workshop, fashion styling, and graphic design.

Where have you interned?

I am currently a fashion editorial intern in a digital publication (STATUS Magazine)

What's been your best intern moment?

My best experience so far was when I assisted the stylist in 3 consecutive campaign shoot.  

What has been your worst intern moment?

Nothing serious really. It's safe to say that there's nothing that one couldn't handle.

Where do you/did you go to look for internships?

For people who are not in school it's not easy to find internships here in our country and fashion styling/designing internships are very rare too. If lucky, you can find some on Instagram or you can look through the website of the company. In my case I visited their website.

What piece of information would you of liked to have known before you starting out your internship?

I'd like to widen my knowledge in fashion styling as well as improved my writing skills.

What are you currently doing? 

Resting at home. My Fashion Editor gave me a day off. :) But yes, I am still an intern for almost 3 months now.

What's your career goal?

I want to be a successful stylist and if possible a designer too.

Where can people find you?

Instagram: @chiachinr

Twitter: @chia_chinr

Websites: /

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