Subject: Meet Karl Largerfeld's intern

Name: Lea Tumczyk

How old are you?


Where are you from?

Aschaffenburg (near Frankfurt), Germany

Do you study? 

I finished my Master’s degree at the beginning of September. I studied Fashion Management and Marketing at UCA (University for the creative Arts) in Epsom, United Kingdom. postgraduate fashion program in England.For my Bachelor I studied Media Management in Würzburg, Germany. After, I recognized that I wanted to work in the fashion industry so I applied for a 

Where have you interned? 

I have done several internships until now. My first internship was at MainPost (local newspaper in Würzburg) where I was working as a journalist and 

was able to write my own articles and was published in their newspaper. My second internship was at Linde Material Handling (producer of forklift trucks) in Aschaffenburg and there I  completed my first marketing internship and knew marketing was the department I wanted to work in.  The company was KPMG and it was in Stuttgart. I really enjoyed working there, but still I knew that this wasn’t the right company for me. After I found out, that I want to work in the fashion industry (as fashion was something I was always passionate about) I applied for a few fashion week internships in London, while studying in Epsom. So, this February I was working as a fashion week intern at Huishan Zhang and was able to see all steps a company has to go through for London Fashion Week. Since the end of June I now do a marketing internship at KARL LAGERFELD in Amsterdam, which will end in mid-January 2017.

What's been your best intern moment?

My best intern moments have been when I have put a lot of work and effort in a task and it got appreciated by my boss. Other intern moments that I really loved have been the people I met during this time.

What's been your worst intern moment? 

The worst intern moments have been when I had nothing to do and I was really bored and time didn’t go by. I rather have a lot to do than nothing.

Where do you go to look for internships? 

I directly look on the companies websites or on LinkedIn is also good to have a look at and sometimes I just google the position I’m looking 

for and check different websites it suggests.

What piece of information would you of liked to have known before you starting out your internship? 

That it is not always how you think it’s going to be. Even if I really like my internship at KARL LAGERFELD, I thought I would be attending events, shows and would 

also be more outside, while I’m most of the time in the office behind my desk.

What are you currently doing? 

I’m currently interning at KARL LAGERFELD in Amsterdam in their marketing department. 

What's your career goal? 

I would love to work as a marketing manager/director in a global fashion company and being able to travel and to meet lots of interesting people in my job. 

But, my biggest goal is to enjoy my job and to love what I’m doing.

Where can people find you? 

Instagram: @shadesofmodernity

LinkedIn: Lea Tumczyk

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