Subject: Meet Givenchy's newest recruit

Before you get to read the exciting stuff let me just tell you my first impressions of Hannibal. Firstly, what a killer name (excuse the pun) secondly this girl is crazy talented and extremely well dressed. No wonder Givenchy snapped her up. Oh and she lives in Paris?! Girl envy.Take a look at her responses to The HOT Seat questions. Follow her on Instagram! Im sure you're dying to see some behind the scenes action from Givenchy. 


Name: Hannibal


How old are you? 

I am 23 years-old.

Where are you from?

I am from France (sorry if there are mistakes). I live near Paris. 


Do you study?  

After a BA in fashion design, I currently study a MA in Marketing and Management of Fashion. I will graduate in December. This is an e-learning master so students can intern on a full-time basis for two years and study at home according to their own planning.


Where have you interned?

I have interned at Peclers Paris (a trend forecasting agency), Lanvin and Hermès. I will intern at Givenchy soon as an assistant graphic designer. It should be my last internship.

What's been your best intern moment? 

There were many ! My two best intern moments are the Hermès menswear fashion show and the surprise breakfast my coworkers at Lanvin planned for my last day. I have very good memories of all my internships.

What's been your worst intern moment?

My worst intern moment was my fault actually. I started to work as a freelance illustrator in March 2015. I accepted some freelance tasks at the beginning of my internship at Hermès. So I went through more than one month interning by day and working by night and during the weekends, sleeping 5 hours per night. I won’t do it again but I learnt from this time, made money and added the drawings I made as a freelancer to my portfolio. Actually these drawings helped me get the internship at Givenchy.

Where do you go to look for internships? 

In France most of people have a look at the website where a lot of internships offers are published (recommend it if you want to intern in Paris). I go to the companies websites too but I got all my internships thanks to fashionjobs.


What piece of information would you liked to have known before you starting out your internship? 

Not to be afraid to communicate. You can be afraid to speak your mind as an intern when you encounter problems (load of work, working late, atmosphere, relationships…) but it is better to talk about it to the right persons so it can be resolved quickly. I have more than one hour of transportation to get to Paris but I always explained it from the start and everyone has always been understanding.

Communicate, but always calmly and at the right time.


What are you currently doing? 

My current internship will end soon. I write my master thesis and go out to see exhibitions and friends. The menswear fashion week was a tough time so I enjoy my free time and chill.

What's your career goal?

I would like to be an illustrator-graphic designer for a luxury  brand or Haute Couture brand. I want to draw both by hand and by softwares for collections’ development (technical flats, simulations, figures, prints…).

Where can people find you?

Instagram : @hanni.lab