Subject: Meet Emma, interning with Temperley London in Paris

Hello friends,

Meet Emma, think of her as me 2 years ago. She's about to start her year out interning so I've grabbed her early and will be following her all year to see what she gets up to. 

I asked her a few questions on how she feels starting out and what her expectations are for the year.

Hope you find it interesting - I would have LOVED to have read something like this when I began my fashion internship journey.


Why did you decide to intern for a year? Do you study?

So I’m currently studying Fashion Design and Marketing at the University of Huddersfield. The reason I chose this degree was because I was undecided on whether I wanted to pursue design or marketing, and with this course offering both of those and year out, I chose this university. I’ve known that I wanted to do a placement year for quite a while, I know it’s the best way to get some experience in whilst still at uni so that I don’t graduate with a blank CV. Also, with my course being predominately fashion design, it’s great for me to be able to get some real experience in marketing too!

Where will you be interning?

At first, I was wanting to complete 2, 6 month long placements, one in marketing and one as more a design role. I was offered a studio placement with a small label in Huddersfield (June- Dec)  and a 6-month placement (starting in January) at a Bridal Boutique in Leeds, where I’ll be a social media and marketing intern. So that was the plan, but about 2 weeks into my studio internship, I received an email from Temperley London inviting me on a 3-week wholesale placement, one of which is in Paris. So I jumped at that opportunity. I finished there about 2/3 weeks ago, and now I’m back as a studio intern. 

How many internships did you apply for before you were offered a job? 

I applied for absolutely loads, most of them being marketing/PR or Press related. But with being a Fashion Design Student, it meant that I was unsuccessful with most of them. If I was to give any advice, it would be too keep going and writing all of these cover letters is great practice!

What are your hopes for the year?

My hopes for my year in Industry are to have fun, I want to enjoy the work that I’m doing and learn a lot. I met so many lovely girls at Temperley and I learnt so much about wholesale, even though I was only there for 3 weeks. I also hope that I’ll have a much better and clearer idea of what job I want to do when I graduate.


Whats your career goal? 

To be honest, I don’t know what my career goal is. I want to be successful, and travel if thats possible. But in terms of a particular job, I don’t know


What are your first impressions of the fashion industry?

- My first impressions of the fashion industry are that it’s so incredibly fast paced.

- Interns are completely necessary. From my own experience and from my friends that are also out on placement, we do so much heavy lifting and the companies really rely on us. 

- Most people didn’t set out to work in fashion, or in the job that they’re currently in. Some of the girls at Temperley were studying French at University, and the VP of Global Sales started out as a designer. So that was really great to hear.


What advice do you have for people applying for internships?

The advice I have for people about to do a fashion internship is, to do more than just your job description and do it with a smile. These people you’re working for will have connections, so when you’ve graduated and you’ll be looking for a job, it will be so great to have all these contacts and if they remember you as very hard working and enthusiastic they’re much more likely to help you out. And, make good use of your universities facilities. We have a placement team at Huddersfield and there job is to help you out with your CV and your covering letters, as well as helping you apply for placements and suggesting ones that might be a good fit. So definitely take advantage of this!


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