Subject: Meet Sydney born Larissa

Name: Larrisa

How old are you? 


Where are you from?

I'm from Sydney, Australia

Do you study? 

I have recently graduated from Orana Fashion Business College

Where have you interned? 

My first intern was at Images that Sell, then Sunday Style and now at Marie Claire as a Fashion Intern.

What's been your best intern moment? 

The opportunity's that may come your way. I got to write a short article about a Australian Fashion Designer Stevie May for Marie Claire website. Head over to and click on Designer Spotlight.

What's been your worst intern moment? 

When it has been a long hard day and just as you about to finish someone will ask you to do something for them and you have to stay back, when you really just want to just go home and rest.

Where you do you go to look for internships? 

The best website for internships is Pedestrian.Tv. Also go on the magazine website and email them that you would like to do a Intern with them. That's how I got my Marie Claire Fashion Intern. 

What piece of information would you of liked to have known before you starting out your internship? 

That it isn't always glamorous (which I thought at first). You will be doing a lot of work and you will be on your feet all day!

What are you currently doing? 

Aside my Fashion Intern at Marie Claire, I work. I really want to study Journalism and hopefully get to write more articles. I also do a bit of Acting on the side. 

What's your career goal? 

To get a job at Marie Claire and work my way to becoming a Fashion Editor. I also would like to become an Actress. 

Where can people find you? 

My Instagram:


Also my email 

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