Subject: Meet the woman behind Fash:Ed

I, (Hannah) have known Fash Ed for about 2 years now. Formally, Let's Talk Fashion Business, Fash Ed is a destination for all things related to the Fashion Industry. It's bloody marvelous if I do say so myself. Before I say something factually incorrect, let me pass you onto the founder herself. 

I sat down with Frederica to quiz her brain on interning, starting a business and where she would like to be in 5 years time. 

Name: Frederica Boateng

Location: London

Top title: Fashion Academic and Managing Director of FASH: ED

Tell us about your current role: My role as a fashion academic involves creating content for the courses, writing module handbooks, teaching, supervising, creating assessments and marking. Helping students progress from foundation level to BA level and then to Postgrad level if they choose to do so. I also carry out research in the field of entrepreneurship education.

As the managing director of a company my main responsibility is to be involved with everything that happens, planning events, building relationships, mentoring young creative, creating and managing projects, delegating responsibilities, analysing efforts etc

Did you go to university? Yes, the London College of Fashion I did my foundation degree, BA and MA.

Have you ever interned? If yes where? DVF, Primark, Blow PR, John Lewis, 

Would you recommend interning? Most certainly

Tell us why you started 'Fash Ed'... Having entrepreneurial skills are important for anyone who wants to start a business or work within a company.

Whats next for Fash Ed? We are creating more educational content, expanding our mentoring scheme and working on creating real like experiences for young creative.

Whats one piece thing you wish you knew before entering the world of work? You need a strong network.

Where do you hope to be in 5 years time? Creating educational opportunities for fashion creative across the UK

Where can people find you? @fash.ed on Instagram 'The Profashionals Network' on Facebook in the meantime as we work tirelessly hard to bring you more content!

Now get stalking: 

Kind regards,

The Intern