Subject: Exclusive! Meet the founder of Find Your Intern

Where to begin with this little nugget? Well, I started working with Find Your Intern and Jasmine about 4 months ago, when I met her at a networking event. We spoke about interning (shock), building an online business and mainly about the struggles of 20 somethings navigating the world of fashion in London. Jasmine asked me (Hannah) to come on board and help build and grow FYI. Now, some people would have said no, of course, there are comparisons to FYI and The Intern 24/7 but.... I'm all for helping people out. If you're good at what you do, competition won't affect that. I am happily a part of the FYI family and so should you be. Take it away Jasmine... 

Name: Jasmine MacPhee

Location: Walthamstow, London

Top title: Founder of Find Your Intern

Tell us about your current role: I am currently building my business FYI, whilst moonlighting as a graphic designer for fashion companies.

Have you ever interned? If yes where? - A design studio, a fashion startup, Cosmo, Harpers Bazaar and because of this I was offered a designer role for Marie Claire Runway whilst at Uni (whilst doing my diss). 

Would you recommend interning? - Is that a trick question? 

Tell us why you started 'Find Your Intern'... FYI was born over my frustrations of finding internships whilst at Uni. Yes, there were sites, there were contacts, there were tonnes of positions - but the process and platforms were just boring, stagnant, messy and just beige. As talented creatives, we need a platform that reflects this right? One that is engaging, exciting and gives us the platform to shine. And one that looks shit hot! Thus, FYI was born. FYI won't only be just listings, but a hub of advice and "inspiring" content. Plus a little bit of fancy tech and badass social. Come join the crew.

Whats one piece thing you wish you knew before entering the world of work? Just do. Don't overthink. Always think about what you are going to say for a 5 seconds before saying it aloud in the office. "Do you know where I can find this ... or how do I do this". Have a long hard think before, Google and try and figure it out yourself before being lazy and asking. Just get shit done and prove you are good!

Where do you hope to be in 5 years time? - I want FYI to be the go-to platform for finding internships. The ONLY internship platform. I want a spotted dachshund with a pink collar, a pink office full of interns (who will be paid), and the company ran by students and grads. They are the core of the brand and to keep it alive we need you guys on board. Does anybody want a job/internship RN? 

Where can people find you?

Insta: @findyourintern




Website link: Website launching on Feb. - join the mailing list!!! We are launching the Intern Handbook which will go to your inbox weekly.


That's what you call self-promotion and I lavvvvv it. 

Go show FYI a lot of love.

Kind regards,

The Intern