Subject: Meet Toni Gunns

Hannah sat down with the wonderful Toni, to discuss all things fashion design, things she wish she new starting out and whats up next! If you wanted to be interviewed by The Intern 24/7 herself - reach out! 

Name: Toni Gunns

Location: Northumberland (beside Newcastle)

Age: 26

How many internships have you completed?

Currently I have completed one Internship, while on my placement year at University. Living in the North East, at the time, I found very little opportunities available to gain experience in Fashion, and even less in Design. But with a little positivity, persistence and pro active thinking i managed to find something.

Where have you interned and what was the role?

I interned for about 4/5 months, unpaid, at an online clothing company,, in Newcastle City Centre. (Which has since closed.) My role was as an Assistant, working together with the proprietor of the company. I successfully supported with day to day administrative tasks, attainted Market and Trend Research, handled the postage and packaging of orders. Completed stock inventory and experienced photoshoot preparation and assistance, both in the Studio and on Location. 

What surprised you about interning?

What surprised me the most was the invaluable knowledge, skills and abilities I learned at the time. My Internship helped me to discover my strengths as a person and built a foundation for my understanding of sales. When the days are long, and you're working for free, you sometimes don't appreciate it, until later on.

What was your favorite moment in the role?

My favourite moment was helping out on a Location Look Book shoot, at the beginning of my Internship. Observing and learning about Styling from a sales point of view, instead of as a Designer. 

Whats next for you?

After such an intense Final year at University, I took a break from Design and considered alternative career roles. Influenced by my Internship I applied for Buying and Merchandising but experienced rejection through the application process. As everyone does, now three months on, I think everything does happen for a reason. It made me realise I want to be the one who creates the clothing, not sells it.

So right now, I am starting the process of applying for Internships all over again, with the hope to gain enough experience to eventually apply for a full time jobs in Womenswear Design. The difference being this time I have the financial saving of the past two years to support myself in London. My goal is to be there as soon as possible or at least by Summer!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Hopefully, fulfillied as a womenswear dress designer, in a job which satisfies my creativity and ambition to succeed. Helping women to look and feel beautiful everyday. And maybe with weekends off, and a salary too!

Where can people find you?

I have my Instagram Design Account @tonigunns or Email-


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