Subject: Meet Birchbox's Social Media Manager and Words Meet Walls Founder, Natalie

Name: Natalie

Age: 26

Location: New York City

Job title: Full-time gig outside of WordsMeetWalls - Social Media & Content Manager at Birchbox

Responsibilities: At Birchbox, my key responsibilities are working on our organic content and leading our lifestyle content, leading our paid social ads, owning the analytics of our social media content, and implementing SEO best practices.

How did Words Meet Walls come about?

I started Words Meet Walls in 2016 while living in San Francisco. I was working in a sales position that I didn’t feel fit me and left me really craving creativity. In the spring, I read The Crossroads of Should and Must by Elle Luna and followed her on Instagram. I saw that she was about to launch The 100 Day Project, which is an initiative that encourages people to do one creative act a day for 100 days straight. The day before the project launched, I brainstormed what I could realistically do for 100 days without getting sick of. Words Meet Walls, something I had actually seen in my head before, started to take shape. I love quotes, I felt I had pretty good handwriting at the time, and I lived in one of the most colorful cities in the world - why not combine it?

How often do you dedicate to it?

It really depends on the week. It’s harder now to devote weekdays to it like I used to, but I pretty much spend my Saturdays and Sundays living Words Meet Walls. I use those days to post up in a coffee shop to draw or search for street art.

Where do you look for inspiration?

I’m inspired by cities, people, and the random things you can find if you open your eyes and stay off your phone for a little. On the flip side, I am also very inspired by what you can find through social media. I am constantly amazed and inspired by the creative ideas people are putting out into the world.

Whats the dream goal for Words Meet Walls?

There are so many things that I have dreamed up for Words Meet Walls that I would love see come to fruition. Some of my most pressing ideas have been: collaborating on/doing my own street art wall, creating WMW into a coffee table book, selling more individual prints/pieces. My dream for Words Meet Walls is that it continues to grow in the right ways, that it finds the right people, and that it helps inspire others.

What’s your biggest achievement to date?

I think people think that hitting a follower number or getting regrammed by a certain account is the highest level of achievement these days, and while it is exhilarating and definitely a way to measure how you’re doing, it’s not usually what makes you feel the most accomplished. To me, my biggest achievements have come in the form of connecting with people and being told by those who find WMW that it has inspired or helped them in some way.

Where if you favourite location/place to shoot in?

In New York City, The Bushwick Collective is my favorite spot! Incredible art and delicious coffee shops to work in. In San Francisco, my favorite spot was Clarion Alley. A constantly changing alley of beautiful street art, you’ll always find something new and interesting to see. Plus, the surrounding neighbourhood of Mission is the perfect place to explore on a Saturday or Sunday.

What tip do you have to anyone who wants to create a creative Instagram? 

My biggest tip is to put things out there even if you don’t think it’s perfect or amazing. Honestly, some of the ones that I’ve posted second-guessing the way they looked have been some of my top performing posts. Test and learn. Let yourself be vulnerable with your work and words.

The second tip - do you. I look at other calligraphy accounts and I’m like “Damn, mine do not look like that”, but I love my style and the way my hands have crafted this way of writing. It’s easy to compare yourself but do what feels and looks right to you.

One piece of advice for someone who doesn't know what they want to do?

Keep Going. I can’t tell you that I know exactly what I want to do or where my life will be in a year from now, but the thing that keeps me going is the realization that when I experiment with the things I’m curious about, I am always lead in the right direction. Focus on what things make you feel good and work to craft your days around that. And remember, that nobody has it all figured out. Even the person who has the most idle job is still wondering what’s next. It’s all part of growing. Lastly, take your own advice (talking to myself here).

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