Subject: Meet The Intern 24/7 team: Tiffany

Name: Tiffany Lauren Preston, 

Age: 26 (however my grandad says I’m not bad for 30) 

Location: Currently roaming around Auckland trying to find myself.

Job Title: Writer, Assistant Manager, and Contributor to The Intern 24/7

Favourite part of your job at The intern 24/7? My favourite part of being amongst these amazingly ambitious, selfless, growing, welcoming, smart, driven, funny, beautiful women…. well. It’s just that. With that, It gives me great pleasure knowing I have an outlet where like-minded people can read and reflect on my experiences in the industry. We are all in this together remember.

If you had Mondays off for the rest of your life…how would you spend them? Mondays have the worst reputation! So if mine were to suddenly open up, I’d make sure I’m doing what I love, you know to completely void the dread of them. First I would spend more time with my grandad and all of my favourite oldies in my life. Nothing is more important than family. I’d then spend the rest of my days writing and hopefully get started on the book that I know is in me somewhere!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time? I honestly have NO idea, but I would really love to be still here, alive and kicking around my family and friends. I can only hope I will be happy, healthy and doing what I love.  If all that comes true and I can have more… then I’m in Bali with 3 dogs, a Labrador, a Dalmatian and a sausage dog. Oh, and I’m a successful Author too.

One piece of advice to someone who wants to follow in your career footsteps? I truly believe that with young creatives like myself, it’s all about your individual journey. As cliche as that sounds, I have seen it be true. I think it’s important to make time for what you want to do… even if sometimes it feels like a chore and life gets in the way. Hammer away at your passion because the more you put in the closer you will be to reaching your goal.

What advice would you give to someone who has no clue what they want to do? TRAVEL, travel and TRAVEL some more. After uni, I went backpacking with one of my best friends and had the most amazing adventures.  By stepping away from what I always knew I was completely forced out of my comfort zone. These situations make you grow as a person and with that everything eventually falls into place. If backpacking isn’t for you then take a few months out and live abroad for a year. LIFE isn’t meant to be lived in one place.

One fun fact about you? I have annoyingly always known I wanted to be a writer. When I was younger I used to create my own magazines and staple them together. I think my mum still has Series 1 of my Animal magazine.  A fabulous display of pets and a full-length feature about animals suitable for the home……. I know.

Where can people find you? @tiffany-writes or @tiffanylauren20