Subject: Meet Rachel, former Alexander McQueen intern.

Name: Rachel

Age: 22

Location: Nottingham / London / Manchester .... who knows anymore! 

Job Title: Student/ former intern

Where have you interned and what was your role? I have interned at Alexander McQueen as a Press Intern which involved sample movement, VIP requests, coverage reports etc. I also did 2 seasons at Karla Otto as a London Collections: Men show intern working on the Craig Green show & Belstaff presentation, everything from stuffing the invites to delivering the invites, to working the events.

The biggest surprise about interning? The amount of responsibility, it's definitely not just coffee runs and tidying!

Biggest lesson learned? NEVER ASSUME!

What is one piece of advice to anyone about to start their first internship? Make your key word YES, you never know where that word may take you!

What do you want to do after you left uni? Back to a PR job (fingers crossed anyway)

What is one piece of advice for anyone who doesn't know what they want to do? Try everything and anything, no harm in doing a week in buying a week in merchandising a week in PR, I knew after a few days interning that PR was where I want to be. When you know, you know!

Where can people stalk you? instagraaaaam @rach_connolly