Meet Annie, the fashion grad interning at WGSN.

The post graduation slump. You’re out of the university bubble and suddenly everyone around you is doing completely different things - some travelling, some working, some… eloping. It’s a time where, for most, the what am i doing with my life question arises pretty frequently.

We caught up with Fashion Management grad Annie who beat the slump and bagged an internship with one of the biggest names in fashion, WGSN.

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Name: Annie Johnstone 

Age: 22 

Location: London 

Job title: Beauty Intern at WGSN 

Responsibilities: Researching and forecasting new beauty trends within our four overarching pillars of Colour, Ingredients, Texture and Fragrance and Packaging.

How did you land your internship at WGSN?

A friend from University landed a job there when we graduated, and when this Beauty internship came up she sent me a message as she knew how much I loved and admired the company.

Had you previously interned?

Yep, I’d done a lot of work experience throughout university and then spent a year at The Walt Disney Company within luxury fashion licensing during my official placement year.

What’s your average day at WGSN?

I normally start by looking up any new beauty news and discussing any particularly exciting trends I have seen on Instagram with the team. I then have to submit a post to The Feed (our on-the-go trend analysis platform), which at the moment tends to be an analysis of the beauty looks from Fashion Week. 

I’ll then carry on researching, pulling together image stories and writing any report I am working on at the moment, which can range from a forecast 3+ years in advance, a key trend 2+ years in advance or a trade show summary, amongst other things. Our clients are at the heart of everything we do and we work really closely with them, ensuring we are delivering content that really matters to them and can help them create successful, commercial products. Just yesterday we had a workshop with specialists to better understand our clients packaging needs. Overall, we work really closely as a team and I’m always helping out someone from the team with something interesting and thought-provoking. 

What advice do you have for someone who doesn't know what they want to do?

Never close yourself off to anything, as everything is a learning curve. I never would’ve considered going into the beauty industry until this internship, and now I am absolutely in love with it and find it so exhilarating. Never be embarrassed to intern – if it’s going to get you where you want to be, a little more grind is always worth it. 

What's your go to intern outfit?

I love bold, colourful outfits. Anything yellow or bright pink I’m here for. 

Where can people find you?

On insta @anniemeggg or on LinkedIn - Annie Meg Johnstone

Main thing we learnt from Annie? Don’t compare your journey to anybody else’s. We’re all doing great,


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