Subject: Meet Charlotte Ferris, Brand Content Writer & Communications Specialist

Media Luxe

Name: Charlotte Ferris

Age: 28

Location: Birmingham

Job Title: Brand Content Writer & Communications Specialist

Main job responsibilities: I'm self-employed so my day to day changes all the time! From writing content for clients and working on their brand strategy to meetings and managing my website, no two days are the same.

Have you ever interned?  I've actually never interned, it’s something I wish I had done though as I know so many people who have gained valuable experience in doing so.

What made you get into brand content writing? I had always loved writing and after working in-house for two different jewellery brands looking after content and social media, I made the move to self-employed life with a mission to write for luxe brands and businesses.

What is one piece of advice for someone wanting to get their first internship? Despite having not interned myself, I know lots of people who have, and it's definitely given them so much valuable experience, so my advice would be to showcase a willingness to learn.

What advice do you have for anyone wanting to get into content and communications? I would say firstly you must have a love of writing as this will be a huge part of this type of role, secondly, if you can find a role within an industry you’re passionate about, it will make everything so much more enjoyable, so if you love beauty for example, look for content and communication roles within that industry.

Any advice for anyone wanting to start their own business? You have to be self-motivated. There won’t be anybody telling you what to do, you’re in charge of your own diary so it’s key to keep yourself motivated; especially in the early stages. If you are working from home, then getting into a routine is so important and also getting out of the house to work too if you can - a change of scenery works wonders, so I frequently write from a coffee shop. I would also recommend keeping as organised as possible - you'll be doing lots of different things and it's your responsibility to manage your time effectively.

Whose career in your industry inspires you? I’m really inspired by so many different people, especially female entrepreneurs. Somebody I have always admired is Holly Tucker, founder of

What's the biggest lesson you've learnt in your career? I'm honestly learning all the time. So far though, it would definitely be to accept that you'll have good days and bad days and to try really hard not to compare yourself to others. In my industry especially, social media plays a huge part in how I market my business and it can be very easy on a bad day to compare yourself to another business owner. Just remember that social media is for the most part a highlight reel and other people may be looking at your account feeling the exact same way you are!

Favourite outfit for work? Most of the time I'm working from home so I pretty much live in a jumper and leggings in the Autumn; when I'm out for a meeting though, it's usually a midi dress, or a blazer and jeans with mules.

Where can people find you? Online at and over on Instagram & Twitter @medialuxe_