Subject: Meet Despina, editorial intern at Elle magazine

Despina Miron, Elle Magazine intern

I think Elle magazine was one of the first magazines I properly read, when I was younger, I was very guilty of buying a magazine and simply flicking through the pages to just stare at the images and VERY quickly skip over the words. But nope, not Elle, I read every word and thought working at Elle must be the LIFE. So, lets find out if it is,

Despina, take it away.

 Despina Miron

Age: 21

Location: London

Job Title: Editorial Intern

Main job responsibilities: 

I was in charge of researching topics of interest for Elle readers like celebrities, TV, music, movies etc. 

I circulated important news to senior editors and archived and organised magazine content. Sometimes interns were allowed to come up with their own content ideas (for the online platform only but it still was a very creative opportunity).

When needed I would help out with fashion photoshoots doing:

- styling research

- maintaining a good relationship with designers, requesting garments and accessories

- logistics tracking

- returns management

Where did you intern before Elle?

I was a PR intern for Jenny Packham, this opportunity was my first glimpse into the fashion world and I will be forever thankful for their understanding and how they helped me grow.

Do you go to university?

Yes, I study Strategic Fashion Management at London College of Fashion. The course is the base of my fashion knowledge as they prepare us for all fashion business related roles within the industry.

What is one piece of advice for someone wanting to get their first internship?

Set high goals but take it slow. Be ambitious but conscious of the path you are on. Your dream internship may be at famous luxurious brand, but in order to get there you will have to follow some steps that are essential in your preparation for achieving your goal. Consider starting small, like working for a start-up business. You will have the chance to grow and learn along with the business and gain some insights that you will not have the chance to experiment while working in a corporate environment. All the practice you get is essential as it will better you and help you in securing your dream job. 

What advice would you give to someone who is struggling to get an internship?

Research positions for which you have a high interest and carefully read the internship advert. Make sure you emphasise on your CV/Cover letters the skills and achievements that the employer is looking for in potential candidates. Tailoring your application for each employer will definitely make you stand out. Make sure your passion for the role stands out through what you send over to the recruiters. This will get you to noticed!

Where do you look for internships? Any favourite sites?

My favourite platform is as it offers you the option to tailor your search preferences and you can apply for roles directly from their site.

The alumni in my university have also been tremendously helpful by sharing their industry contacts with students and helping us in making connections. Make sure you take full advantage of the university’s network during your studies!

Who's career in your industry inspires you?

As the SVP of retail strategy at Apple, Angela Ahrendts is one of the highest-ranking executives at the most valuable company in the world. To get that job, she had to leave her post as CEO of Burberry, where she had led a remarkable turnaround to re-establish the company as one of the world's premier luxury fashion brands. I find her a truly influential and motivational woman, she is authentic, she builds strong relationships and with her expertise in marketing she has become the highest paid female executive for the tech giant.

What’s the biggest lesson you've learnt so far being an intern?

Honestly, I most learned from my mistakes. I learnt how to take constructive criticism well and that actually gave me a chance to grow. Realising that there will always be room for improvement motivated me to work hard and better myself and the quality of my work. I got to the point where I was no longer afraid to experiment, and if it went wrong, I’ll know what not to do the next time around. 

Although you are meant to make mistakes at the beginning, keep in mind that your effort is highly valued. Even though you are at the bottom of the career ladder, you’re also needed, and your basic work is appreciated and employers do not expect you to be perfect. 

I also really appreciate the connections I established during my internships. The fashion industry is a small industry and everyone knows everyone. Once you manage to get your way in, it is quite easy to connect and network with industry experts. 

Favourite outfit for work?

I love fashion but always prefer comfort over style. Surely you will be not be seeing me go to work in my tracksuit (which I would gladly do, if appropriate) but I always opt for garments that not only look good but also feel good. I could say my go-to look is stylish jogging trousers with a plain, comfy top and a tweed jacket to style up the whole outfit.

One fun fact about you?

How about a contrast about me: I am a hip-hop & rap loving ballerina

Where can people find you?

Hidden away in the library studying my head off for this year’s finals or @despinamiron on Instagram