Subject: Meet Katie, Founder of Katie Braden PR

Katie Braden PR

Working in PR is a lot of ‘fashion gal’s’ dream but what happens after you excel in the PR game? You open up your own firm of course… meet the woman who has done just that. Yep Kelly Cutrone (if you don’t get that reference then go and watch The Hills girl) is not the only woman in PR that is slayinggggg.

Meet Katie Braden everyone…

Name: Katie Braden

Age: 25

Location: London, UK 

Job Title: Founder and Director of Katie Braden PR 

Main job responsibilities: Day to day running of all my client accounts. I specialise in digital PR and social media so a lot of those accounts revolve around that type of activity. 

Have you ever interned? If so, where? Yes, I interned at a high street fashion PR agency called Lee Publicity 

Did you go to university? Yes, I was a professional dancer prior to getting in to PR so I went to London Contemporary Dance School as oppose to traditional 'uni'  

What is one piece of advice for someone wanting to get into PR? Question everything you do. I've built my business on questioning old school methods and applying logic to each practise to see if there is a new, more effective way of doing it. Times have changed so the old school way isn't always the best way; many of my clients come to me feeling frustrated with PR so it's important to apply fresh perspective. 

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own business/agency? Work with as many people that you admire and across as many different industry categories as you can. Building a range of experience will enable you to draw ideas from a broader space. 

What would you say to someone who has no clue was they want to do? Just do something. Try it out. Nothing is forever, you can change your job overnight if you want too. Even if you feel like you've failed in finding what you're supposed to do, it's an essential stepping stone you need to take and an experience you can learn  and grow from. 

How do you currently use social media to promote Katie Braden PR? If I'm completely honest, I don't promote Katie Braden PR at the moment. I've been extremely lucky to gain a lot of amazing clients who'v stuck with me for a long time so I have no need to put myself out there as it's really all about putting my time and energy into them. One thing I will say is good clients attract good clients, being selective with who you work with builds your reputation more than anything you could do on your own.

Whats the biggest lesson you've learnt so far in your career? Be flexible and ready for change at any moment. Don't waste valuable energy on panicking, instead use that energy to find the most logical solution. 

Favourite outfit for work? I work from home so it's usually a band t-shirt and cycling shorts. 

Where can people find you? @katiebradenpr