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Boy do we have a treat for you. We sat down with Katie Amey, the Social Media Manager at Working in social media seems to be the most sort after job in the fashion industry right now. You just sit on Instagram all day right….? Oh, girl, you are so so wrong.

Sit back, get your notebook out and take notes ladies and gent.

Name: Katie Amey

Age: 29 (30 in 2 months - ahhh!)

Location: London, UK

Job Title: Social Media Manager at THEOUTNET.COM

Main job responsibilities: Overseeing all strategic and day to day operations of THE OUTNET’s global social media platforms - and everything that goes along with it!

Did you intern? if so where, if not, what was your first job?

Did I ever! I did three summers of (unpaid) internships in New York City while I was at university. My first internship was in the Beauty Department at Teen Vogue, under the legendary Eva Chen. Then, I interned for the Entertainment Editor of Cosmo GIRL! (The magazine folded in 2008, sadly.) Following that, I interned at NYLON and then, where I really learned more about the digital side of publishing. 

What advice would you give to someone who doesn't know what they want to do?

Don’t be afraid to take a chance on an unconventional career! At my first year of university, I was pre-med - though quickly (and thankfully) realised that it wasn’t for me! 

What advice would you give to someone wanting to get into social media? 

Truthfully, I feel like I’m not the best person to ask as I sort of stumbled into it myself. Back when I started in editorial, social media wasn’t really on anyone’s radar, but as I moved more into digital publishing, I found myself taking on more and more social media responsibilities for the magazine titles that I worked for... and ultimately that landed me a fixed term contract on NET-A-PORTER’s Social Team in 2013. Things have continued from there...

If you want to work in social media should your personal accounts be 1. on your CV 2. not private and 3. fairly good...?

I don’t really have strong opinions about this. I’ve hired people who curate their social media profiles and could be considered “micro-influencers” and I’ve also hired people who keep their accounts personal and private to friends and family. I look for an impressive CV with fashion, marketing and/or editorial experience more than anything else. If this is your first job role and you don’t have any other professional experience to put on your CV - and if your accounts, blog, etc. are widely followed - I don’t suppose it would hurt to include it. (But if it helps, I’ve never listed my personal accounts on my CV!)

How did you get into freelance writing? Any advice for anyone wanting to write freelance?

Once I started interning, I basically just took any opportunity I could to write! If any editor offered me a blog post - no matter how mundane the topic - I took it! Handing in assignments promptly (and without too many grammatical errors!) is key. Once an editor knows they can rely on you, they will give you assignments over and over again. 

Most of my freelance gigs came from editors that I used to intern for - when they moved on to other titles, I offered to help however I could... and they took me up on it!

Favourite outfit to wear to work?

As my team will tell you, on days when I don’t have any external meetings, I dress quite casually. I love fashion, but admittedly, I usually wear jeans and trainers to work. When I really feel like dressing up, I’ll throw on a nicer blouse and one of my many pairs of designer shoes. I have a deep, deep love of Gucci. (One of the many perks of working for YNAP.)

 Where can people find you?

My social media accounts are fairly standard - I don’t tend to post too much “fashion” content - but I’m on Instagram at @katieamey. Feel free to follow me for loads of photos of my friends, family and travels. (And, yes, the occasional BTS Instagram Story from work events and photoshoots!) 

For professional references or queries, LinkedIn is preferable. I’m happy to answer questions and reply as often as I can! 

WHAT A BABE, Go get em Katie. If you have any suggestions on who we should interview next, reach out… we’d love to hear from you.

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