Subject: Meet Lizzi Simpson, PR girl at Warehouse UK

Lizzi Simpson

Name: Lizzi Simpson

Age: 25

Location: Brixton, London

Job title: PR Assistant at Warehouse

Responsibilities: Main responsibilities include;

Overseeing sample movement for UK and Irish publications, building and maintaining relationships with press and influencers, monitoring daily print, social and online content, writing press releases, creating brand mailers, supporting with press events such as press days, dinner, parties etc (super fun!)

Managing the showroom and hosting any press appointments, constantly working with our buying team to see what’s new and exciting coming in - the list goes on!  

 How did you get into PR? 

I did a fashion degree at uni and the drilled it into us that interning is so so valuable (they weren’t wrong!). Then I worked in the internal press office in the Topshop Oxford Circus, working alongside the head office team sending out store samples to London based press.

Where have you interned? 

New Look and Dune in their press offices.

 Did you go to university? 

Yep, I studied fashion communication and promotion at Nottingham Trent University.

 What is one thing about PR you didn't expect? It’s definitely not just reading the newspapers and going out for breakfast. It’s hard work!! Especially when we do events, it’s a lot of heavy lifting, running around the office trying to get samples from A to B. Trainers are essential!

Whats the difference between in house PR and agency? 

Agency you’re obviously looking after so many more brands than in-house! I’ve never actually worked in an agency so maybe there next?

 What role in industry would you like to explore next? 

I’d love to do more events, especially to do with festivals but that still tying back to the brand. Any excuse!

One piece advice for a PR student? 

Intern, intern and intern! So important and always be so happy to help with any tasks! Also good to have some strong industry knowledge – not just the generic things. E.g. What’s up and coming in terms of music, influencers, models, trends (not just fashion) collaborations, magazines, who’s everyone going to be talking about? Just so you can stay ahead of the game and the trends! And always be polite, nice, organised and confident to speak up and share your ideas!

Is there a side hustle you are working on? Anything you do outside of work? Watch only Hugh Grant movies? Let us know! 

Ha, sadly no side hustle, but I’m OBSESSED with those serial killer documentaries on Netflix like the Ted Bundy Tapes! As well as any Julia Roberts film. Also cooking, going to gigs and festivals.

 Where can people stalk you? 

@lizzisimpson on Instagram!

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