Subject: Meet Louise, the girl interning for Alexa Chung

Who’s a fan of Alexa Chung? I’m sure everyone reading this post has either stalked Alexa Chung on Instagram or seen her on a fashion cover before. Well, can you imagine interning for her? I’m sure it’s pretty epic right? Well lets find out… meet Louise.

Name: Louise Braybrook

Age: 23

Location: South East London

Job Title: Design Assistant Intern

Responsibilities: CADs/technical drawings, sketching, research and mood boarding, digital print development and creating tech packs for factories. I also work on the design and development of jewellery and some accessories as well as hand sewing, some pattern cutting/atelier responsibilities. Also creating print and garment colour ways. Aiding with LFW preparations/model castings and styling.

Did you/do you study Fashion design at uni?

Yes, I studied for four years at London College of Fashion. It was a four year course because I had a sandwich year in my third year. I also completed a one year Art and Design foundation before my degree at University of the Creative Arts in Kent once I finished my A-levels.

How did you land your internship at Alexa Chung?

I just applied! I was constantly looking online for opportunities and saw an internship advertised online, so sent off my graduate portfolio along with some other projects I had done during my time at uni. But I also included freelance illustration projects and publications of my work. At that time my portfolio consisted mainly of uni work, but when I got an interview I updated my portfolio with a new project that I had done in the meantime. I started a few days after my graduation from LCF. I am always doing new projects so I can tailor my portfolio to each job.

Any advice for anyone wanting to get into Fashion design/improve their skills?

Keeping up to date with what is going on in the industry is very important. But also practice. Try to do some long 2 week projects but also short 2-3 day projects. I am always drawing, and a lot of the work I do nobody sees ever again but that’s okay because some of it turns out presentable enough. But a small pocket sketchbook, carry it around and draw a lot in public - this will allow you to be less precious about your work and more free in your drawing. Practice life drawing and doing quick sketches of figures because this will help you later on. Be prepared to work hard, in your degree and in your work afterwards. Go to a lot of exhibitions and find out what inspires you and who you are as a designer.

Have you interned anywhere else?

Yes, after my first year of uni I interned with Preen by Thornton Bregazzi in the production department for three months ending with the September LFW show. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot as well as making some friends I still have now. I would recommend trying to get an internship during your summer holidays before your placement year because then you’ll already have a little experience. And if you don’t have a placement year, doing some 2/3 month internships during the summer can be a good way to get experience. Then, during my uni placement year in 2016 I interned with Erdem for 6 months as a Product Development and Embroidery intern which was a great experience, it was intense and a lot of hard work but I learned so much there about the product development side of the industry. I learned a lot about garment costings and lay plans which helped a lot when it came to my final year of uni.  Then I did two months at Burberry as a Fabric and Trim Development intern. It was a very different experience because the company is so big, but again I learned so much about working on that level and that scale. For all of my internships I have had the pleasure of working backstage at LFW. At ALEXA CHUNG I have had the most involvement with the shows and model castings etc which was very exciting - the after parties were also a bonus!

Advice for someone wanting to study fashion design?

If you can, do a foundation course first. (If you do it after A-levels you can do it for free) Because I think it helps when it comes to uni because it has given you the chance to experiment, with less pressure. And you make so many friends and connections that you can collaborate with later on. Also prepare a portfolio with multiple projects showcasing your creativity, don’t worry so much about it all being fashion-related, you can show life drawings and things like that too to show off your drawing ability. Also research the universities well and the course that you want to do, go to the open days, reach out to current students on social media if you can and ask for their opinions to see what suits you. You need to consider things like the location, accommodation etc as well as the course content. Don’t be afraid to apply to the universities you want.

What's next for you?

Now I have graduated I’m looking to move into a permanent role as a design assistant and leave my interning days behind. Now I have some experience behind me and a stronger portfolio, I am excited about where I can go next.

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