Subject: Meet Stephanie, host of the Fashion Originators podcast and email marketer at The Outnet.

Stephanie Irwin Fashion Originators

Name: Stephanie Irwin 

Age: 23 

Location: London, England 

Job Title: Email Marketing Producer at The Outnet and Host & Founder of Fashion Originators Podcast.

Main job responsibilities: As an Email Marketing Producer, I prepare and build email campaigns (HTML, dynamic content etc) with the Responsys email service provider. Put simply, I bring together the many parts that compose a marketing email into it's final product. I make sure it works, looks good, and reaches the right people through targeting. 

On the side, I do a podcast called Fashion Originators. On my show, I interview fashion entrepreneurs who do things differently. To make my show happen, I network with fashion entrepreneurs, conduct interviews and make sure the final product is edited to perfection. I've interviewed people ranging from the founder of Lululemon to my friend Chloe Marlow, the founder of Marlow London, a line of AMAZING bags. 

Did you intern? if so where, if not, what was your first job?

I interned A LOT! My first internship here in London was at Katie Grand's LOVE magazine as a fashion team intern. While I am not a styling assistant anymore, it was the first job I had that showed me my dreams are possible -- my second week was helping on a shoot with Gigi Hadid. More important than that, the LOVE team are among the most hard-working and hilarious humans I've ever met. 

How did Fashion Originators come about?

While interning at, my boss got me hooked on listening to comedy and murder mystery podcasts. Although I still enjoy those (Serial is iconic), I realised that there weren't any interesting podcasts on fashion. After months of mulling it over, a bet with a friend ultimately pushed me to start it. 

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a podcast or blog? 

Just do it. The content is never going to be 'perfect' enough. Learn through doing, and if something doesn't work, try something new. Your first blog post is probably going to suck, but it will teach you more than being scared ever will. 

If you could go back and give your 18 year old self some advice, what would you say? 

All the hard work you are putting in now is going to pay off a couple years from now -- you just wait. Everyone will tell you what you want is 'too difficult' or that you can't do it. Just keep doing it anyways and showing up for yourself everyday. People may ask you how you've 'gotten so lucky' nowadays, but it isn't luck at all -- it was a passion for this crazy industry and a strong work ethic. If no one around you has achieved what you want to achieve, do everything you can to be around people who are like you. Thankfully, you did this and it got you through 4 years at a non-creative university. 

Who's career in your industry inspires you?

Eva Chen for being super successful yet real on social media at the same time. She has fabulous style, yet she's a smart business woman and has an adorable family (being Head of Fashion Partnerships @ Instagram is also a pretty cool job). Clare Thomson Jonville (@ctjcreative) and Sophia Matveeva (Enty App) are two other women who inspire me too. 

Whats the biggest lesson you've learnt so far in your career?

Everyone makes mistakes! The key, however, is taking responsibility and coming to your boss with the solution. 

Favourite outfit for work?

Side-stripe trousers, Adidas NMDs, and a teeshirt from Palace or House of Vintage. I usually carry my Marni market canvas tote, and have my hair in a Syd Pin! 

Where can people find you? @ social channels? 

Instagram: @stephieirwin


Apple Podcasts: