Subject: Meet the 23 year old serial intern, Amy Williams

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Hi team, meet Amy, a 23-year-old who may have interned at more places than the whole Intern 24/7 team combined (hard task).

We are thrilled that she firstly, had the time to do an interview with us but secondly that she was able to share some great insights into the life of a serial fashion intern.

So, Amy, thanks for being so kickass - take it away.

Name: Amy Williams (Ams to about two people in the world)

Age: 23

Location: London (originally from Derby, studied in Huddersfield)

Job title: Fashion Intern

Responsibilities: Looking after the fashion cupboard, preparing for photoshoots, assisting on shoots, writing credits, writing columns, fashion finding, trend research.

What made you want to intern in at a newspaper?

Following uni, I wanted to focus my search into fashion media. Having previously interned in television and for a bi-annual luxury publication, I thought it would be great to aim for a range and see the difference between.

I've been at a monthly, weekly, the newspaper and I'm heading to a supplement next week.

Where else have you interned?

During placement year (a year out of university to work/intern): This Morning (fashion intern), Public Desire (influencer outreach intern), Red Thread Journal & Beth Buxton Styling (fashion assistant), Alexander McQueen (PR intern). Since graduating: Women's Health (fashion intern), Angie Smith Studio (fashion intern), Grazia (fashion intern), currently at The Sun (fashion intern) and heading to Sunday Times Style on Monday (fashion intern).

Did you go to university? 

Yes, I graduated with a first (thank you very much!) in Fashion Communication and Promotion from the University of Huddersfield.

What are your plans after working with The Sun? 

I'll be with the Sunday Times Style for two weeks, which I'm really looking forward to. Then I'm taking a few days off for my birthday, and aim to get started with more internships early April. My goal of course is to get a job, so I will continue to apply and send out emails. I'd really like to start writing again too!

One piece of advice for someone starting their first internship soon? 

Don't be afraid to ask questions - even if you think it's silly, you've already asked three times or they're about to leave the room. It does sound like an obvious one, but I have got into some sticky situations by not asking questions, or not speaking up when something has gone wrong. From experience, your employer will be much happier you spoke up sooner rather than later. 

What is the first thing you do when wanting to apply for an internship?

Have a good read of the job description, and make sure it sounds like something I'm interested in. I think that's the most important thing, above being capable. If there are requirements you don't have, but the job sounds right up your street, apply anyway. It's all about learning. Your interest and passion about the company or role should really shine.

What was one thing you worried about before interning that you now don’t? 

It was such a long time ago! I think in general when I was younger, I was a big worrier about making mistakes, disappointing people etc as I’m sure many are. It really goes hand in hand with asking or not asking questions, but of course, mistakes will be made! But it’s okay, you’re learning! The best thing to do is own up and most importantly learn from your mistakes.

If you could tell your 18 or 16 year old self something what would it be? 

Read! Vogue online, Elle, Refinery29, Stylist, 10 magazine, Business of Fashion, Drapers, blogs, newspapers, supplements, magazines, The Intern 24/7...(thanks Amy ;) ). I didn't read nearly as much as I do now, and I still don't think I read enough. Saying you’re interested and invested in fashion or any topic is all well and good, but does that extend further than scrolling and double tapping? Branch out.

Is there anything else you like to do on the side of interning? Side hustle? Passion for beer pong? Only watching Hugh grant movies? 

I find going to the gym really good for me, especially if I’m feeling stressed or a bit low. Otherwise, love a good film (recently watched Get Out on Netflix, would not advise watching alone!), love a good exhibition (especially the free ones!) and love a good gin!

Where can people find/stalk you @ social media channels (if you want) 

Instagram @amyelizabeth_95

Twitter @amyelizabeth95